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A simple, powerful 3 month plan to get you consistently achieving your business goals (without overwhelm or exhaustion!)

The 90 minute business plan intensive

You started your online business with a clear idea of what success would look like:

• Doing work you love
• Consistently signing dream clients
• Having more time for life outside of work

Only to find:

• You feel stuck & overwhelmed
• You’re not taking consistent action
• You feel like you’re working on your business more that ever (without seeing the financial rewards)

You’re in the right place, & I’m the person to help you fix it...

There’s one big mistake I see introverted & sensitive entrepreneurs make in the online space - one that holds them back, however ambitious they are…

They don’t have a business plan

Yes, ‘wifi & a laptop’ sounds like a dream, but when you’re highly intelligent, prone to overthinking & have a love affair with research…

It’s not that simple...

— geraldine s

"I have increased my pricing, enrolled 3 new dream clients, and feel motivated and confident like never before!"


My own audience research recently revealed that:

• 88% have a weekly schedule, but only 28% have a business plan

•93% use free resources or $27 products for their business planning

•Over 85% struggle to stay focussed on their own online business goals

This scattered approach leads to information overload, confusion & paralysis analysis - meaning exhaustion for you & lack of growth for your business

Imagine what it would feel like with your own personalised plan - zero decision fatigue, feeling confident taking action & finally making progress!

What makes this different to the other intensives out there is simple - I designed it exactly for the needs of introvert/sensitive entrepreneurs, incorporating my own business planning strategy which has taken me from: 

• 0 - 30+ clients under 9 months

•Having no marketing strategy (& not posting online for 2 months) to showing up consistently in an aligned way, including an award winning podcast, an engaged Facebook Group, a popular newsletter & features in Medium, Authority & Thrive Global

•Months of wasted time due to exhaustion, decision fatigue & lack of direction, to a simple, effective business strategy that runs like clockwork (& doesn’t drain me!)


Inside you’ll get: 

• Step 1: In depth pre-call questionnaire - this will help you get crystal clear on your goals & bring me up to speed on you & your business - meaning we can make the most of our call time together

• Step 2: 60 minute 1:1 brainstorming session - with a mix of your answers, some well designed questions & my intuition, we’ll have a deep dive chat so I have all the information I need for Step 3

• Step 3: I go away with all the information & design you a simple, effective, 3 month business plan, laid out week by week. I do this by reverse engineering your goal then breaking it down into manageable steps that build upon each other for easy implementation. Your own time & energy will be the basis of the plan, to ensure you stay energised ready for long term success.

• Step 4: A 30 minute handover call, where I’ll screen share your plan, walk you through it & answer any questions you have & make any small tweaks we decide on there & then. You’ll receive a recording of this to refer to afterwards

• Step 5: It’s time to implement! I’ll be on hand via Voxer for the first two weeks to support you as you set off for success!

By the end of The 90 Minute Business Plan you will have the exact roadmap you need for the next 3 months in your business, meaning you can block out the noise, stay on track & start seeing those well deserved, sustainable results

What's included:

book now!

ready to plan out your next 3 months of success in just 90 minutes?

Why me? 

I’m an online business mentor & mindset coach for ambitious introverts & sensitive entrepreneurs, just like you. After 17 years in the fast paced world of air traffic control, where solid strategy is vital for safety, making good plans (& quickly) is just second nature to me

2.5 years in the online space has shown me a LOT about what works & what doesn’t, & 14 years of coaching experience helps me ask you the right questions to pinpoint exactly what you need to focus on to succeed

As an ambitious introvert, empath & HSP myself I understand exactly how my clients (30+ in the last year alone) think & feel - my business strategies are fully ‘introvert friendly’ & tailored to keep you energised for long term results

This is for you if you’re ready to ditch overwhelm for success and...

• You’re brand new to online business & have no idea where to start - but you know you want to skip the months (years?) of wasted time trying to piece together different freebies, get on track to get results quickly

• You’ve been around a while - you’ve tried some online courses & freebies but you aren’t making the progress you want, & are ready for some personalised support, showing you what’s been keeping you stuck & finally getting the exact plan to solve it

• You’re an established business owner who doesn’t want long term 1:1 coaching right now - but you’d like a fresh pair of eyes on your business to help you stay productive, motivated & grow your business over the next three months. It doesn’t matter how good you are at helping others, we always need someone to hold space to do it for ourselves

Right now, you might be thinking you can piece it all together on your own, but here’s the thing - that just wastes time AND our precious energy.

Getting a bespoke business plan designed especially for you & your business stops time leaks, decision fatigue & overthinking, giving you a simplified shortcut to success instead.

"Now I feel confident in my strategy and with saying no to opportunities that don’t align"

“During my session we discussed a visibility strategy that would allow me to build up at a pace I was comfortable with, as well as a few content tweaks that could help me sign more clients without having to be constantly online. Now I feel confident in my strategy and with saying no to opportunities that don’t align. As a result I am able to have better conversations with prospective clients and my business is stronger. Thank you so much!” - Claire

"I walked away with clarity & a solid plan going into my launch"

“If you’re thinking of investing in Emma 100% do it! Her ability to cut to what’s really important, her knowledge & intuition are game changing. I felt so supported, heard & understood. After starting together feeling overwhelmed & confused I walked away with clarity & a solid plan going into my launch.” - Lesley

"If you are struggling to get clarity in your business I highly recommend working with Emma-Louise"

“Emma-Louise made me feel at ease, and helped me solve a problem that has overwhelmed and frustrated me - like magic! She has a unique ability to not only ask the right questions but to listen intently, comprehend that information and articulate in a way that is so impactful. If you are struggling to get clarity in your business I highly recommend working with Emma-Louise. I am so excited moving forwards now and wish this had been available when I was first starting out in the online world!” - Laura

"I was amazed at how much we got done"

“Working with Emma-Louise was so refreshing! She understood me instantly, I didn't have to justify anything about my introverted nature. Her approach was so calm & level headed, & I was amazed at how much we got done in just an hour - I remember looking at the clock and seeing only 5 minutes had gone by and I was shocked because I already had gotten so much value from the call!” - Sarah

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Secure your spot now for only £800. Please note spaces are limited to 2 intensives per month, so book early to avoid disappointment - let’s ensure you get to work on your 3 month plan asap!

Are you ready to finally get a clear plan, take action & start creating success?

To support you after our intensive you’ll also get free lifetime access to the following:

• My 49 ‘Introvert Friendly’ Marketing Tips for Online Business Owners Ebook

• My Morning Mindset Meditation Download for Introverts, Empaths & Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs




What’s included in the plan in terms of strategy? 

This is a bespoke plan which will vary depending on you, your business & your goals. However it will focus on strategy around marketing, visibility, content creation, sales & your business operations - whatever are the most important 1 - 3 priorities for growing your business right now.

Can we do a 6 month plan instead?

No - simply because things change SO fast in online business that what we create now would be way out of date by then! Of course you’re always welcome to book another 90 Minute Business Plan Intensive towards the end of your 3 months, for an up to date plan based on your new levels of success :)

Can I upgrade to get more 1:1 support? 

No - the time allocated for the calls & my work on your plan have been designed to give you exactly what you need for 3 months of bespoke strategy. If you’re looking for a container with more 1:1 support, including mindset & energy work, check out my 6 month mentorship package here.

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Ready to get going? Schedule your 90 Minute Business Plan Intensive today & let’s get started creating your best 3 months in business!

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