Owning your Zone of Genius to Grow a Business You Love with Kim Argetsinger

June 13, 2022

Today we’re taking a look at how other entrepreneurs run their business! My friend Kim Argetsinger is a mindset coach and business mentor who works with high achieving heart-centred passion driven creatives, entrepreneurs, and coaches. She helps them to build, grow and scale profitable businesses on their own terms (with a big emphasis on ‘your own terms’ part). 

Kim is SO open talking about how she scaled her business in her own way versus the industry standard. Her Zone of Genius is working 1:1 with her clients and a big part of her message is building, growing, and scaling a business you’re wildly in love with

We also chat about the “Zone of Excellence” and how we make room to scale through our “Zone of Genius”; plus, there’s a lot of juicy stuff around clarity, mindset, strategy, and the action side of things. I think you’re going to enjoy this one!

We dive into:

  • Combining clarity mindset, strategy, and action, focussing only on 1:1 work 
  • Soothing our nervous system and understanding the impact it has on our business growth (spoiler alert – a lot!)
  • The art and practice of play (& why my daily Jeopardy habit is actually a good thing)
  • Listening to your mind and body when work is no longer lighting you up
  • Being happy in your work, regardless of money and scaling
  • Running a Revenue Share Business Model – the pros and cons
  • Generating income without having to launch
  • The fear and attachment over outsourcing tasks that we associate with making us money


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