The Quiet Power Mastermind

An intimate group coaching container to help you scale your business alongside other empire-building introverts

So you’ve reached $100k in revenue (or close to it), hit your capacity for clients... now what?

There’s a misguided belief that once you reach a certain point in your business, you have to do MORE to scale, often ditching the very thing that got you to where you are.

Yet, at this stage in your business, you’re not looking to take on more clients or put in more hours. You want to grow sustainably from here on out, and that means fiercely protecting your most precious resource—your energy.

Without it, you won’t be able to achieve those big milestones ahead… Like your dream of leading your team with confidence, raising your prices, and speaking on podcasts, at events, and on industry-leading stages (even if those dreams terrify you just a little). 

You want more income (not for vanity IG bragging rights, though) and a fulfilled, aligned life—and you won’t compromise the latter for the former.

This time next year, you don’t want to be overworked and hovering on the edge of burnout. You want to do more of the work you love, and less of all the rest.

Everything you need to reach your next level of growth is already inside of you. Let’s bring that power to the surface.

Sometimes, the biggest limits we need to overcome are the ones we’ve placed on ourselves.

What would your business look like if you stopped telling yourself “I can’t” and started believing that you could? 

You can grow your impact as an industry leader.
You can focus only on the tasks that light you up.

You can scale massively in a way that feels aligned and authentic to who you are.

You need to learn how to master your mindset, expand your belief of what’s possible, and prioritise your own energy without feeling guilty.

But to get there…

The Quiet Power Mastermind

This mastermind is going to show you that you can stop “doing” or “searching” outside of yourself, but instead, tap into the power and potential that is already inside of you.

This is how you build your empire on your terms - and stay energised while doing so. 


A 6-month mastermind to help introverted business owners unleash their power and grow to 6+ figures without burning themselves out in the process.


"I’ve improved my mindset and have better boundaries.” 

“It's great to have that sounding board to run things through with. Emma-Louise has never once criticised what I'm working on or through in my mind, and she asks questions that make me really think about how and why I run my business.

She’s calming, energising, sensible...but not boring! And a great active listener. Since working together I’ve raised my prices - twice! Improved my mindset and have better boundaries, making space to welcome new clients."

— Emma Boatman, Founder of Boatman Admin Services

Your 6-month mastermind experience includes:

An introductory 45-minute 1:1 call 

to ensure I’m up to speed on your current position in business, and that your strategy is strong enough to support scaling in the way you desire. If not, I’ll offer my recommendations for you to start implementing right away.

5 further 45-minute 1:1 calls

(1 per month) to ensure a deep, powerful and bespoke coaching experience.

3 monthly group coaching calls

that include a blend of expansive exercises we’ll all go through together, hot seat coaching live on the call, and true masterminding where you bring your questions to the group and get input from everyone surrounding you - for truly holistic support

One monthly guest expert, who will be selected based on each cohort to best fit your business models and goals,

and will always be carefully curated to provide high value. Examples could include PR, systems, energy, HR and hiring, podcasting, copywriting, leadership.

Group Voxer channel to connect with your mastermind peers

so you can dip in whenever you’d like to share wins or request support or wisdom from other members 

Weekly curriculum and exercises delivered as a private podcast 

so you can consume the content in a flexible, introvert-friendly manner vs yet more time in front of a screen

Plus, these incredible bonuses!

Access to my full digital product suite

that includes dozens of consultancy resources that have been used in 6, multi-6, and 7-figure businesses, both online and offline. These include financial trackers, market research templates, competitor analysis exercises, a full marketing ecosystem, offer creators, time management systems, and more. 

Exclusive mastermind member pricing for additional 1:1 sessions and strategy days 

Investment: $9k PIF or $1500 per month.

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There’s no obligation attached to filling out the application! I’ll reach out so we can chat more and make sure this program is the right fit for you.

4 months membership to The Accelerator by Easy Scaling

run by my COO Jordan Schanda King. This is valued at over $1100, and includes at least 4 live calls per week offering support in tech, ops and planning, guest expert sessions, a Slack community, member directory, mixer and coworking sessions so you feel fully and completely supported as your business grows! 

10% discount on copywriting services

by my long time client and former Quiet Power member Kendall Cherry at The Candid Collective®. Kendall has written for online business owners, tech startups and companies generating 8 figures in business with email audiences of over 100,000. Now she’s offering her ‘Candid and Kind’ style of writing for mastermind members at this exclusive rate.

This isn't your typical mastermind.

Some group containers can be draining. With SO many people in the room, us introverts can get lost in the noise. That’s why The Quiet Power Mastermind is capped at just 6 people per pod, to maintain a small and intimate environment. 

Everyone in this group understands exactly what it’s like to be an introvert in a noisy online space, and they’re here to support you without 'judgment'.

With the support inside this mastermind, you will:

  • Uncover the mindset foundations needed to scale to where you want to be

  • Connect with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who understand you, and build long-term relationships and potential collaboration partners 

  • Be empowered to lead in an authentic way, whether that’s leading yourself, your clients, or your team

  • Prioritise your own energy without feeling guilty and understand the amazing impact this will have on your business

  • Expand yourself to believe what’s possible for you - whether that’s more money, more happiness or more ease


Hi, I’m Emma-Louise

I used to be one of those business owners who told myself it would be difficult to have a successful launch, run a mastermind, or manage a team. I suffered from the same misguided belief that many introverted entrepreneurs experience — that in order to see success, we have to look outside of ourselves.

On my own journey to grow my business, I wasted a lot of time and energy looking for answers from an external source, or some ‘secret’ that would allow me to reach multi-6 figures. This was despite having over a decade of coaching experience, studying psychology, being an NLP Master, and deeply understanding the concept of mindset!

I realised I needed to work on my confidence as a leader, both for my team and myself, and expand my energetic capacity to hold space for more clients. Once I stopped getting distracted looking at social media, the latest tech, and all the other “this is how you grow your business” posts, I realigned with my mindset and energy, and achieved the growth I was looking for. 

meet your coach

Ready to tap into your own Quiet Power?

This mastermind isn’t about teaching you to do “more” or how to replicate the path I’ve taken in my own business. Instead, I’ll help you tap into the potential that’s already inside of you to find your unique version of success and impact.

The Quiet Power Mastermind is a human-centred approach to scaling your business — meaning you, your energy, and your needs always come first. 

unleash your potential

Questions before submitting your application?

Is this right for me?

The Quiet Power Mastermind is for all introverted entrepreneurs scaling from fully booked and/or past 6-figures. If you believe in the combination of mindset and strategy, you’re willing to put the work in, and looking for a like-minded community to support you in the process, this is for you. 

What day/time will the calls be?

This is TBD depending on the time zones of the participants who sign up, to ensure everyone is covered. 

How much 1:1 access is included?

We’ll start with a 45-minute 1:1 kick-off call to get to know your business. Then, we’ll move into the group portion for the duration of your 6-months, where you’ll get 1 private coaching call per month. That being said, this is a very small, intimate, container, with each pod limited to 6 people so that everyone gets a chance to contribute to the conversation. This means that all members will get the option to be coached 1:1 on each call. Also, keep in mind that you’re being coached alongside your fellow introverts, so no one is going to be loud or hog the entire session! 

What happens after I apply?

First off, there’s no obligation at all from filling out the application! I’ll look through your responses, and if you’re a good fit for the program we’ll arrange a call. During this you’ll have the opportunity to ask me anything about the Mastermind and get all the information you need to make the right decision for you and your business.

Ready to tap into your Quiet Power?

Let's use your innate gifts to scale your business with ease.

To start the conversation fill out the form below.

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The Quiet Power Mastermind is for you if you…

  • Are quickly approaching (or are at) the $100k mark in your business

  • Are fully booked, looking to increase your revenue without working extra hours 

  • Believe in the combination of mindset and strategy

  • Are willing to put the work in between calls to create meaningful results

  • Want to learn how to manage your mindset and energy effectively in this next stage of business

This mastermind is NOT for you if you… 

  • Want quick results with minimal effort

  • Want help with mindset OR strategy and are unwilling to embrace both

  • Are a brand new entrepreneur just starting out - check out The Ambitious Introvert® Academy instead!

“I feel energized, less overwhelmed, and confident success is possible for me.” 

“I wanted accountability and the push to start working on my passive income projects, but I was struggling with a fear of failure and navigating where my energy goes throughout the day. The mastermind has been really valuable. It helps to be able to talk things through, support the other members, and have them support me with advice from fellow introverts!” 

— Courtney Siemens, Designer

“If you’re thinking of investing in Emma-Louise 100% do it!”

Her ability to cut to what’s really important, her knowledge and intuition are game changing. I felt so supported, heard and understood. After starting together feeling overwhelmed and confused I walked away with clarity and a solid plan going into my first launch.

Emma-Louise is so calm & focussed, and I knew I could rely on her fully for support and guidance - she’s a brilliant coach and mastermind facilitator” 

— Lesley Calvo, Coach

This isn’t a quick fix, it’s about building your future with proven frameworks to create a sustainable business and life you love.

If other programs' techniques haven’t worked or felt aligned for you, it’s probably because they were built for extroverts, by extroverts. 

The mindset strategies and energetic work we do together will create a ripple effect of positive change in your health, relationships, and finances—and I’ll encourage your every move with your strong boundaries in mind.

In just 4 months, you’ll walk away with the exact mindset and energetic practices you need to stand confidently in your Quiet Power and lead from a place of calm, integrity, and ease—not just now, but for years to come.

This is how you begin to celebrate sold-out launches, exceed your own ‘wildly outrageous’ income goals, and unlock huge strides in your confidence that leave you feeling more energised than ever. 

If you’re ready to increase your capacity to hold more space for more clients and more income without giving all of yourself to your business…