Create your next level success by blocking out the noise, playing to your strengths, and adopting a strategy that works for you!

The Ambitious Introvert® Mastermind

6-month hybrid mastermind/1:1 container running from May-December 2022

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I see you. I hear you. I understand you. Because I WAS you.

And maybe this sounds a little (or a lot) like you…

You need help getting the ops side of things set up and working seamlessly to support your future business vision.

You’ve been in group programmes before but the generic methodology fell flat - and it wasn’t personalised to you and your business.

You want to be surrounded and supported by like-minded ambitious introverts who get what you’re going through and understand how you want to do business.

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I can help you with that!

Yes, the online space is built by extroverts for extroverts. But there’s a big ‘ole space for you too. And it’s right here

Why do I get it?

Because I am you!

I know how you’re feeling right now and it’s okay. The online business space is filled with so much noise, it’s deafening. Everywhere you look is the next must-do sales strategy to have you raking in the cash, the newest video marketing trend on Instagram to have you bowling over the algorithm, or the one’s shouting the loudest seemingly getting seen. 

So you try it all even if it makes your insides crawl. And guess what? It doesn’t work. 
It makes you question everything. Your talents, your skills, where you belong in the online space, whether your business can survive… 

But the thing is, your business CAN survive - and thrive, if only you stop ignoring your intuition and innate introverted gifts, and start honouring who you truly are.

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Because not one of us has the same business model - we all do something totally different. And yet, there’s still endless amounts of cookie cutter advice being thrown in our face that makes no sense to us. 

You want to scale - but with integrity and in a way that feels good. Not shouting out from the rooftops, channelling car salesman vibes, whilst popping bottles of champagne. 

Maybe you’ve asked yourself “do I even have a place here?”

I’m here to tell you that you absolutely do. 

You no longer need to try to fit into someone else’s mould. You can grow and scale YOUR beautiful, unique way. 

You get to showcase your individuality and create a business that lights you up inside. To feel empowered to work in a way that aligns with your energy. To realise that anything is possible when you don’t follow the noise.

This mastermind has been made with you at the very forefront of my mind.

The Ambitious Introvert® Mastermind

You get to carve your own, quiet path.

"My mindset has shifted hugely. I have a knowing calm about me now that I didn't have before - I know it will do well, I know I am enough, I know that I am the right person to lead this business."

Emma Gasking / Founder of The Parent Education Company

what past members are saying

throughout the programme for all your ongoing questions, sticking points, breakthroughs and celebrations!

Private Voxer coaching with me

so you can tap into and learn from my trusted contacts in the industry. (To be confirmed but includes: Systems to Scale, SOPs, Podcast Guest Pitch Support, Creating your Course or Group Program, Meditation for Success and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)

1 guest expert session per month

so we can focus on strategy, or additional mindset and energy support.

30 minute 1:1 call with me each month

ask me your question or direct it to someone else in the mastermind who’s an expert. You get the benefit of EVERYONE’s brains, because after all, numerous brains are better than one

2 hot seat coaching or facilitated discussions per month

running over 7 months to support you until the end of the year (with a well deserved month’s summer break in-between), limited to just 5 ambitious introverts

6 month group container

Get ready for your personalised success with The Ambitious Introvert® Mastermind…

Plus you'll have access to...

+ A monthly private podcast episode for you and your mastermind group’s ears only, to complement your journey

I want to join!

+ A dedicated, confidential space for you and your fellow ambitious introvert masterminders, so you have access to each other for questions and support between calls

+ Access to our full library of digital business resources, including the Start Up to Scale Up programme, to support your bespoke experience

- emma, founder

I was a bit hesitant that the others in the mastermind would be very different to me and my business and have different values etc but actually they added to the experience rather than taking anything away!

"It has absolutely been worth it - would 11/10 recommend"

- sarah, coach

It's nice to have people who know what you're trying to achieve and to have their support and validation as introverts. They have confirmed a hunch many times so has been very helpful in trusting myself more.

"It's worth every penny!"

- lesley, coach

Her ability to cut to what’s really important, her knowledge & intuition are game changing. She's a brilliant coach and facilitator of the mastermind!

"If you’re thinking of investing in Emma 100% do it!"

- courtney, designer

It has been really valuable, it helps to talk things through when needed and be able to support the other members, have them support me and have advice from fellow introverts!

"I feel energized, less overwhelmed, confident, like success is possible for me"

Real success stories

"I always feel supported and like I'm being guided to something that's customized or intended FOR me (versus a cookie cutter strategy)."

Kendall / Founder of The Candid Collective®

what past members are saying

I walk everything I talk…

my story

Hi, I’m Emma-Louise - certified online business consultant and mindset coach on a mission to help you scale your sustainable introvert-friendly business. (Because there is another way!)

After a 17 year long career as an air traffic controller, I stepped into the online business world 3.5 years ago and it’s been quite the ride.

For over 10 years I trained new controllers globally. I also ran workshops between pilots and controllers to aid communication between the two very different roles and perspectives. So, you could say I know a thing or two about facilitating discussion in groups of people. My love of learning led me to taking my first life coaching certification and before I knew it, I had the business you see today. But not quite…  

 In fact, my business didn’t work for the first 18 months because I wasn’t doing things in integrity - I was doing it all the ‘extroverted way’. I was following all the tips and tricks flying around the online space, thinking they would miraculously work for me too. But they didn’t. 

 I was trying to do all the things. Be a little bit of something to everyone. Trying to fit in. But that meant I didn’t have a strong niche. I didn’t know who I was supposed to be. I didn’t show up as who I truly was. 

And that’s when it hit me…

I threw out the rulebook, ignored the mass market messaging, and finally realised there was nothing wrong with my mindset - I just needed to do things differently!

So I niched down and simplified everything. And I became The Ambitious Introvert®.

This lets me see if you're at the right stage of business to benefit from the mastermind

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If you're ready to grow and scale (while staying in integrity with your introversion) then...


Your opportunity to ask questions and get confident that this is the right support for you

We'll chat over Zoom


If you're a good fit you'll be invited to join, and the paperwork will be sent your way!

We'll make it official!


You won’t be presented with scripts or formulas or things to learn

You’re not going to be surrounded by people who don’t understand you or who drain your energy. You’re going to be supported by people who bring out the best in each other. People who go on to become friends and hire each other. People who lead with integrity and know who they are and what they want. 

People just like YOU. 

This is designed to be a safe, cosy container where you can create long term, sustainable growth in your business instead of riding the crazy rollercoaster of ‘quick wins’ and fluctuating income months. Because maybe you don’t want the £10k months that are being squawked about. Maybe what you actually want is to work 4 day weeks, to send your kids to private school, or to have plenty of free time in your diary to cuddle up in a corner with your cat and read (I see you!!)

And that’s exactly why I created this Mastermind. 

This isn’t 'just another group programme’...

How do I know this works?

Because this is the 5th round. This programme has been run 4 times before to rave reviews. A high percentage of my masterminders go on to work with me 1:1 or ask me to run the mastermind again. And for me, that speaks volumes. 

As an intuitive introvert, empath & HSP, I not only totally understand my clients, I literally feel their energy too - and that’s why I’m so excited about this container. Because I get to support you so powerfully and deeply. 

This course is for you if

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This is NOT for you if

You're brand new to business

You don't have paying clients yet

You want deeper 1:1 support

You want to scale but you aren't ready to take action

You aren't willing to share your insights to benefit others

You're not a team player

You're not open to working on your strategy and mindset

This course is for you if

A felis et, consequat mauris ullam semper et cursus 

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A felis et, consequat mauris ullam semper et cursus 

A felis et, consequat mauris ullam semper et cursus 

This offer is for you if

You're an introvert, empath or HSP

You're ready to grow and scale your business

You have the foundations in place

You consistently sign clients

You want a hybrid of 1:1 and group masterminding

You're open minded and action taking

You get excited just reading this!

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Six payments of

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One payment of

Unlike a lot of people in the industry I don't penalise you for paying over time

Payment Plan Options

It’s time for you to take up space.

Be excited to scale knowing that it won’t be at the expense of your wellbeing 

Feel seen, heard, and understood, surrounded by a collaborative group of sensitive introverts who share your innate gift

Be ready to share your gift with the world and create a lifestyle you love

This container is exclusively for you. And it’s the only mastermind of its kind that combines business strategy, mindset coaching, and energy work all in one place.

We need more introverts getting out there and changing the world. - the big question is, will you be one of them?

By the end of this year you’ll…

All of my resources

Voxer Coaching

Private Group

This is so much more than just a group program...

Lots of extra support & resources

Get support and connection between scheduled calls

High touch connection to answer questions or celebrate your achievements!

I'll share any of my certified business consultant assets that are relevant to you and your business growth

- aimee

The spirit of Emma-Louise's mastermind was very much aligned with who I am in terms of serving and helping. Everything was carefully considered, from the careful curation of women, to her impeccable communication and facilitation

"It has been amazing to be able to engage with like-minded individuals"

- kendall

It's been incredible to get guidance during the journey, versus going and blindly building something (and then burning out) like I used to. I hit a $9.3k sales day which is something I never even thought was possible for me (ESPECIALLY as a service provider).

"I can learn through their experience and questions, while still having space to ask my own"

- manisha

I like connecting with other entrepreneurs and hearing their challenges and wins and also appreciate hearing other's reflections about what I'm working on

"I feel seen and heard."

Real success stories from real people


I do - I have the Start Up to Scale Up group program for new entrepreneurs who need to build solid foundations to scale. I also offer a limited number of 1:1 spots too. Contact me for details

Do you have other offers?

Better is very subjective... What I do know is this container is carefully curated for introverts, empaths and HSPs. If that's you, this is very likely more suited to you than other groups

How are you better than your competitors?

Me too. I feel you. However your fellow cohort will not only be like you (so understand you), but there'll only be 4 of them. 

I've tried groups and hated them

No. Your strategy is totally bespoke - no cookie cutter formulas here!

Will I need to also do video/ads/other to make it work?

If you're an introverted service provider with an online business you want to grow, it was designed with you in mind. However we'll double check during our Zoom call so you can invest confidently

Will it work for me?

The mastermind is completely confidential. All members will agree that no details from calls, inside the group etc are shared publicly.

Will I be plastered over social media?!

Frequently asked questions 

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Are you ready grow and scale the introvert-friendly business you want?