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About The Ambitious Introvert® Podcast

The podcast is a mix of solo episodes (think mini-trainings in your pocket) & guest interviews featuring successful introverts sharing their business knowledge & tips to help motivate, inspire & help you to create the success you want!

I'm an 86% introverted INFJ-A who is passionate about helping ambitious introverts, empaths & HSPs build successful, sustainable businesses they love

I’m Emma-Louise - your podcast host & in-ear business & mindset expert

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"Finally a podcast that gets me! It's so good to find a podcast created by an introvert for introverts. The first episode with Lesley Calvo was so useful, it really helped me realise that all my past life experience is relevant to what I do in my business.
Fab podcast, can't wait to listen to more"

- Kim S.

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