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The Ambitious Introvert® Podcast is a mix of solo episodes (think mini-trainings in your pocket) and guest interviews featuring successful introverts sharing their knowledge and business journeys to help motivate you, inspire you, and set you up for long-term success. 

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I’m Emma-Louise

I’m an INFJ who is passionate about helping my fellow ambitious introverts build successful, sustainable businesses that they love. 

Why podcasting? After 17 years as an air traffic controller in another life, I guess I just couldn’t give up the mic! To get the full story on this and other aspects of my 40+ year long journey of introvering, head over to the About page. 

– your podcast host and in-ear business & mindset expert.

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What everyone is saying about the podcast...

Here are a few behind-the-scenes facts about 

The Ambitious Introvert  Podcast:   


Podcast Birth Date:
October 18th 2020

How We Felt When Our
1st Episode Aired:
Equally excited and nervous

Our Favourite Themes: Anything with a bit of Woo

Topics We’ll Never Touch:
Bro marketing or ‘how to act more extroverted’

Average Recording Time
per Episode:
45 minutes 

Average # of Guest Applications We Get Per Month:

Proudest accomplishment: Winning a Podcasting
for Business Award in
our first year

Total number of downloads: 50,000+

Listeners in:
122+ countries

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