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Sound familiar?

You’re incredible at what you do & know you have great things to offer your clients...

but you don’t quite know how or where you fit in online…

Being an introvert, empath or HSP can make it feel like the online space just isn’t for you - a feeling I fully understand as I’m all three

•Networking feels forced and like a chore

•Constant content creation is time consuming & drains you

•Showing up consistently can be a challenge 

•The ‘guaranteed’ 5 Step Success Formulas the gurus are selling leave you cold

•The lack of meaningful connections leaves you feeling empty & exhausted (does anyone actually buy from an inauthentic, copy & pasted cold DM starting ‘Hey girl’?!)

•Trying to connect with your ideal clients amongst all the noise feels impossible

•You sometimes find the online space a bit inauthentic

•Overwhelm, comparison-itis & analysis paralysis keep rearing their heads

Right now...

"Maybe I'm just not meant to make it in the online space?"

You’re not getting the consistent income you want (but you know is possible), all of these feel like weaknesses and you start to think...

— amy crumpton, owner social cactus coaching

"I felt completely at ease and was able to open up about some of the insecurities I had around money and work through my self limiting beliefs. The same day I booked a client at my new price point!"

•You created your perfect business, with success defined on your own terms

•You make genuine connections which not only nourish your soul but grow your business too

•You learn to love your little slice of the internet and actually look forward to showing up

•You have a solid content creation and marketing strategy that becomes a habit

•You carve out your niche based on your USP and introvert superpowers - attracting a tribe of like-minded people who want what you have to offer

•You master your mindset ready for confidence & growth

•You have strategy, impact and clients, and you’re doing more of the things that build your energy (instead of constantly draining it)

Imagine if instead…

If you identify with any of the above then it’s time to invest in someone to show you the way.

Someone who’s been where you are now, and who’s dedicated to helping you build a business and life you love while respecting your values, energy and quiet time.

A fellow introvert who understands and supports you, while still getting you the results you want

I’m Emma-Louise, Business and Mindset coach for ambitious introverts, empaths and HSPs, host of The Ambitious Introvert Podcast, and founder of Introvert Friendly Business™ and The Ambitious Introvert Network™

As an ambitious introvert, empath and HSP myself I understand you. My unique blend of mindset coaching & business mentorship combines my 14 years of coaching experience with NLP, psychology, EFT & energy management - all fully tailored to your business & your individual needs

Want high touch, personalised support to help you achieve more in 6 months than you ever thought possible?

My 6 month mentorship sells out 2-3 months in advance. To learn more about this package & what's included click below

There are 2 ways I can support you in your business

The 6 Month Package


High ticket coaching is a big investment...

...and I want you to feel safe making it. So, if after 15 days you decide we're not a good fit, you get your money back (T&Cs apply, contact me for details)

— Lauretta Ihonor, Career Change Strategist & founder of The Ambition Plan

Emma is helping to change the status quo and putting authenticity back into the coaching industry

— Jojo Graham, Business Coach & Mentor, Serial Entrepreneur

If you are looking to unlock your next level to elevate to multi 6 figures and beyond, there is no one else I would put my trust in other than Emma!

— Natasha Tsitiridi, Sales Coach & Founder of Bulletproof Woman

Super inspiring, super knowledgeable and really empowers her clients to achieve limitless success

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Let's map out an entire 3 months of strategy in just 90 minutes - giving you a solid plan to follow (goodbye overwhelm & decision fatigue) to hit your goals

Full details coming soon - contact me for more information


Option 2

The 90 Minute Business Plan Intensive

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