From messy thoughts to streamlined ideas

I hired Emma-Louise when I was pivoting from a general life/growth coach to one specified in only
working with HSPs and Empaths, etc. I wanted to leverage my expertise, but not over do my offerings.
We were quite connected and aligned, & I felt heard, seen, and understood. She is a wordsmith, so I felt that my offerings and work was understood well enough to translate it into words, which was a relief. Basically she was able to take the messy thoughts swirling around my head and put them in to clear, streamlined ideas that are understandable and easy to communicate to others.
I have been less stressed about "who I am" and "what I am meant to be doing" since working with Emma-Louise. I was able to trim down and really pair down my website and offerings with your help! I feel much more aligned to a single purpose than a million! Thank you!

Dr Katie T. Larson

Growth & Sensitivity Expert, TEDx Speaker & founder of Growth Quests