Anxiety to relief & peace

I struggled with planning my content, what my pillars should be and how to make it an easy and enjoyable process. I chose to work with Emma-Louise because I loved her content on social media. I'd been following her for a while and noticed how much more niche the content had become over recent weeks and I wanted some of that! It spoke to me more directly than it had before and that's when I thought, I'd love to be more focused on my own content. I was in! 

Emma-Louise 100% successfully helped me reach my goal of making my messaging direct, having a focus (which makes it easier) AND making it more enjoyable to write my content. I loved how she knew what I was trying to do and understood what made me special and how I helped people. She’s a really accommodating & caring coach too

I just loved that I had a plan after working together, that gave me such a good feeling. I can breathe a sigh of relief that I no longer have to scramble with anxiety to produce content - a sense of peace!

Liz Ellery

Branding Design Expert