From struggling to clarity

Before working with you I was unclear on my marketing strategy, not feeling like I was doing enough, and struggling with consistency
Our conversations around visibility and ways I can continue showing up have helped
me a lot. You gave me a lot of ideas and little shifts I can make in my mindset that I know will make a huge difference. I feel more confident and trusting in that I don't have to spend as much time as I think on marketing and creating content, there are ways I can build it in and make it something I look forward to doing. Also trusting that everything I do is adding up and building up my library of content over
time, so every little bit helps.
I felt heard and understood during our calls, & afterwards I always felt inspired and energized,
ready to take action on the things we'd discussed
You’re gentle, understanding, kind, honest, smart, thoughtful. I like that you are able to
mix practical and more of the spiritual law of attraction stuff together - really inspiring!

Samantha Madeo

Branding Designer