Trusting my intuition

I was wrapping up a group business course that ended up only having extrovert-focused marketing strategies. When I tried to make these introvert-friendly, I was told I had a bad mindset. Deep down I knew this wasn't the case, but after several months in the course it had really knocked my confidence and trust in myself. Working with Emma-Louise was so refreshing! She understood me instantly, I didn't have to justify anything about my introverted nature.

Her approach was so calm & level headed, & I was amazed at how much we got done in just an hour - I remember looking at the clock and seeing only 5 minutes had gone by and I was shocked because I already had gotten so much value from the call! I walked away feeling empowered, confident, & trusting in myself and my abilities once again.

Sarah Salmon

Coach & Founder at Introvert Advocate