Encouraging, Safe, and Nurturing

Although my business was taking off, I felt incredibly scattered and unsure of which direction to take it in. I lacked confidence to make a decision or move forward.

Emma-Louise helped me decide which path was the right one and did so in a loving, patient way. I loved that we combined mindset work with business strategy - coming up with daily "proof" that I was on the right path and moving towards success was my favorite part, and a game changer for my confidence.

Emma-Louise is encouraging, safe, and nurturing - I felt heard & understood. I also felt really energized after listening to her Voxer messages - like I wanted to go out and conquer the world! It helps that she’s an introvert and worked with my Human Design, so really understood not just where I was coming from, but what was going on underneath the surface that led to me feeling/thinking a certain way. She could listen to what I was saying and pick up on things that I wasn't even aware I'd said!

I've grown so much in the last month. Taking my business full time seemed like a distant daydream, and now it feels like something that's just around the corner!

Katie Wolf

Editor & Writing Coach