get visible, get clients, & make money doing what you love (while staying energised!)

The Visible Success Intensive is a unique mix of deep subconscious mindset work & solid marketing strategy to kickstart your visibility right away!

ready to really go all in on your business?

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My Visible Success Intensive was designed with YOU in mind - after struggling with visibility myself & coaching dozens of other introverts on their journey I know exactly how to help you get out of your comfort zone start creating the business of your dreams!

it's time to take the first step to success - getting visible

sick of struggling (& watching the extroverts skyrocket their businesses?)

"Our conversations around visibility and ways I can continue showing up have helped me a lot... I feel more confident and trusting in that I don't have to spend as much time as I think on marketing"

- Samantha

Here's What You Need:

bespoke 1:1 support

No cookie cutter formula or 5 step program here - Visible Success is a truly bespoke experience created around you, your fears & your ambitions

deep subconscious mindset work

I use a range of highly effective modalities including NLP & EFT to create rapid belief change at a deep subconscious level - the perfect start to your visibility journey

a step-by-step 12 week visibility plan

Using my knowledge of marketing & buyer psychology, we create a personalised 12 week 'introvert friendly' visibility plan - enabling you to feel comfortable in growing your visibility until it becomes a consistent habit!

In just 3 weeks you'll have the mindset shifts & the marketing strategy you need to go from invisible to in-demand... in a way that's perfect for introverts!

the visible success intensive


1:1 mindset reset

After completing a thorough pre-coaching deep dive questionnaire, we'll spend out first session understanding your fears, eliminating your limiting beliefs & empowering you to take action

package breakdown

1 week of bespoke mindset strengthening

A daily plan to follow between sessions, to really solidify the foundations of our mindset reset. Includes fully personalised affirmations, visualisations, journal prompts, EFT recipes, meditations & reading material recommendations

1:1 strategy session

With your new upgraded mindset we'll create a meaningful, aligned 12 visibility plan. We'll add to it step by step during that time, to build a manageable, consistent practice you can continue with forever

3 weeks of high touch support

Office hours Voxer access to share wins, provide accountability & answer any questions while you settle into your new visibility plan






You'll get:

How does this sound?

a bespoke mindset boosting strategy to aid your growth

1:1 support for the first 3 weeks of your visibility journey

a customised 12 week visibility strategy designed with you & your business in mind

the confidence to be consistently visible & reach your ideal clients with ease

an Understanding of where your limiting beliefs are & what's holding you back

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"Emma-Louise made me feel at ease, and helped me solve a problem that has overwhelmed and frustrated me - like magic!"

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"I felt so supported, heard & understood. After starting together feeling overwhelmed & confused I walked away with clarity & a solid plan going into my launch"

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"I loved how honest Emma was and how supported & understood I felt. She is magic - she intuitively knows what you need to hear and will guide you to feel how you want to feel. She's an example of what's possible for introverts in the business world - she will inspire you, empower you and get the results you want"


"As a result of our work together, I have increased my pricing, enrolled 3 new dream clients, and feel motivated and confident like never before!
I can’t recommend Emma-Louise highly enough. Working with her was a truly wonderful experience"

"Emma-Louise helped me release negative memories and limiting beliefs I had, working on my subconscious mind, in a really powerful way! Her unique combination of NLP and EFT Technic completely rewired my brain, letting go off any resistance I had unconsciously stored in my mind"


Have recognised & eliminated any limiting beliefs holding you back

created a daily mindset practice to set you up for further success

created a big shift in your mindset, giving you the confidence to grow

taken the first steps to being consistently visible & getting in front of your ideal clients

have a bespoke 12 weeks step by step visibility strategy to grow with

have created the solid foundations for a successful, sustainable online business

By the end of our time together, you will...

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"Emma-Louise is a highly skilled coach with an incredible armour of skills from NLP, Law of Attraction, EFT and more! She is so amazing at bringing clarity to a situation and paving a positive way forward"

- aimee

"With an insane amount of coaching/life experience, the ability to cut through your shit and get super clear on the way forward within a matter of minutes, her coaching is hands down the best investment you will make. With such an extensive coaching tool kit to support your growth in both life and business, it's a no brainer - everyone needs an Emma in their life!"

“I didn't think it would be worth it. It was. I didn't think it would work for me. It did. I didn't think I'd be *that* success story. I am. ”

- jordan s.

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Our introvert traits can be a blessing or a curse in entrepreneurship - so I’m here to make sure you use them to your advantage (meaning less overwhelm and procrastination, more money, energy and ‘me’ time)

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not getting visible online stopped my business growth

I haven't always had my smiling face all over the internet... in fact I only joined social media in 2019 & it took me 4 months to get the courage to post a picture of myself

It took a lot of trial, error & inconsistency before I worked on my mindset & visibility strategy & grew my business to £10k+ months in just 4 months

i can help... because I've been where you are now

the visible success intensive is one of a kind in the online space because...

you get 1:1 mindset work so you can stop holding yourself back

As introverts visibility can be a challenge - but there's no point trying to push through & implement ANY strategy, no matter how sound, if your subconscious associates visibility with danger!

We work together to ensure you start your visibility journey feeling safe & motivated - meaning you're more likely to stick to it consistently.

Consistency = clients

you get a bespoke step by step 12 week visibility strategy designed just for you

Not a 5 step cookie-cutter formula from a guru coach...

Not the latest trendy tactics...

Not what worked for my last client...

A bespoke, step by step, easy to integrate 12 week visibility plan. One that's perfect for you, your business & your potential clients

We'll add phases every few weeks so you can really solidify each part for a consistent, sustainable online presence (no introvert-burnout here!)

Taking that first step to getting visible

Strengthening your mindset for success

Stepping into a new, confident you

Creating a consistent, sustainable presence online

Finally growing the business of your dreams

Attracting your dream clients and doing work that lights you up

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

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This      for you if:

It feels uncomfortable, but you're ready - you've wasted enough time

You're not willing to take action

You're sick of getting in your own way

You aren't willing to leave your comfort zone at all

You'd rather get visible than have no business

It's probably        for you if...

You'd rather have no business than get visible



let's work together

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