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Today I’m joined by Anna Frandsen, a therapist turned coach, green tea obsessed mama to two, and radical optimist. Anna is the founder of the Heart Centered Entrepreneur Facebook Group, and helps women get visible and make money online – all with heart.  Anna shares: The power of decision making  The shifts her clients have […]

Visibility & Non-Sleazy Sales


Creating a free download to grow your email list doesn’t have to be overwhelming… Keep it simple by following these tips… 1 – What is your ideal client’s biggest problem you can help them solve right now? Create a resource that helps them towards it, for example… If you’re a social media manager helping overwhelmed […]

Creating a free download to grow your list


Why free downloads can be an introverted or sensitive business owner’s worst enemy… The 2 biggest challenges my clients often face in online business are overwhelm & overstimulation (plus the inability to take action these feelings cause) In an online space with so much information easily available it can be so easy to grab all […]

Free downloads can be your worst enemy


Are you a fan of a freebie? There’s something so enticing about seeing that guide, mini training or swipe file that promises to solve ALL of your business problems… And logically we KNOW what it’s actually going to be is a bit of value, that maybe leaves us wanting more – but still we get […]

Fan of a freebie


I recently asked my audience about what topics you wanted to hear about on the show, and business finance was the top answer – so in this episode I’m going over just that! I’m taking you through the very basics of business finance, how I operate, and giving an in depth example of what a […]

Business Finance Basics

Solo Episodes

3 ways to tell if your business is a ‘success’… Ask yourself: -Why did you start your business? -Is it fulfilling the answer above? -Are you happy? As an introvert or sensitive entrepreneur it’s so easy to absorb other people’s goals & start taking them on as our own Whenever you feel overwhelmed or like […]

3 ways to tell if your business is a success


The myth of ‘you just need a laptop & wifi to run an online business’ For some reason, people treat online business differently to offline ones They think certain things aren’t necessary or some rules don’t applyBut honestly… business is business is business There will always be… -Investments to make -Business & marketing plans to […]

The myth of a laptop and wifi


I don’t have a massive overnight success story to share I didn’t struggle for years then hit on the ‘secret’ of success (or have it to ‘sell’ to you) I’ve never had a 6 figure launch, lived in Bali or joined a mastermind group full of the cool kids I didn’t come online & decide […]

Overnight success


In this episode I’m joined by the lovely Jennifer Winsor, an expert mindset coach and engineer. She works with heart-centered women entrepreneurs to create the lifestyle and revenue of their dreams. Her entrepreneurial spirit and mindset strategies have successfully taken her from the world of engineering to lifestyle blogging, international brand collaborations and guest expert […]

Permission to Break the Extrovert Rules

Permission to Break the Extrovert Rules


Imagine what you could achieve if you had permission to be yourself… If you weren’t wasting your energy trying to fit into someone else’s definition of success, or attempting to make a generic extrovert framework work for you If you weren’t questioning whether you’re cut out for online business at all, but instead creating a […]

Permission to be yourself


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