If only there was a way to create more revenue without working more hours… or running yourself ragged. 

There’s nothing wrong with the strategies you’ve explored or the extroverted coaches you’ve learned from, but getting to your next stage of growth is going to require doing things differently.

Doing things differently is more about your mindset, energetics and actions.. Your strategy is a huge part of what got you to this point in your business, but to unlock the next level of growth, it comes down to your inner dialogue. You have to feel confident in yourself to implement the pieces that create growth, while fully knowing you’re capable of achieving it. 

Together, we’ll work on cultivating your mindset and optimising your strategy, so you can stop collapsing into bed exhausted every night and can finally spend more time on a business and life you truly love.

Hi, I’m Emma-Louise

When I left behind my 17-year career as an air traffic controller to go all in on my coaching business, I thought the path to success meant doing more—more social media content, more visibility, and more late nights glued to my laptop.

Those didn’t work for me, and I know they aren’t working for you, especially as you’re already at capacity or trying to hit the multi-6-figure mark.

My decade of coaching trainee air traffic controllers taught me one major thing about people that I let briefly slip away in business—every single person requires different strategies, approaches, and mindset reframes. What works for some (or even most, especially in this space) won’t work for others. 

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When I stopped trying to be someone I wasn’t was when I truly started unlocking success with multi-5-figure months, more spaciousness in my business, and building foundations for long-term growth that worked for me. 

It all came down to trusting my self-leadership and honouring my boundaries—not pressuring myself to work extra hours or draining all my energy. 

The same is true for you, with my support you CAN create a long-term sustainable business that does not exhaust you (and still allows you to hit your goals). Whether that’s multi-6-year figure revenue years, increasing your impact, or feeling more confident in your strategy and ability to lead. 

Let’s tap into your power and unleash your potential without trying to be someone you aren’t. 

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“I feel a sense of clarity, focus, and peace of mind knowing that I'm on the right track versus chasing a million shiny objects.” 

“Before working together, I was booked out with clients but was hustling too much to keep up with everything. I wanted a coach to help me pause, gain clarity, and move in the next best direction for my business so that I could also have the time freedom I craved. I love that I can be myself with Emma-Louise – completely open and honest about what's working for me and what I'm struggling with. I know that while she'll nudge me out of my comfort zone, she'll never force me to do something that doesn't feel right for me and my business.”

— Nicole Kepic

You can succeed in business (and life) without pushing to the front of the crowd or being the centre of attention.

I’ve supported hundreds of introverted entrepreneurs through my private coaching, group programs and digital products, helping them achieve sold-out launches, multi-6-figure years, and pinpoint where they could add an extra $48k in annual revenue without working a single additional hour. 

one Quiet Power move at a time.

But the wins I’m most proud of are the less tangible variety. 

The huge strides forward in confidence, their transformed money mindset, and new, stronger boundaries to protect their energy. 

When we work together, my goal is always for you to walk away feeling energised and ready to conquer the world—

Professional Bio

Emma-Louise Parkes is a former air traffic controller turned mindset coach, podcast host, and business consultant for introverted entrepreneurs.

Pairing her love for business strategy with a deep understanding of human psychology, behavioural science, and personal development, Emma-Louise has helped hundreds of clients optimise their mindset and unleash their “quiet power” to build successful online businesses.

With 14 years of experience and over 3000 coaching hours, she’s a twice certified coach, certified Business Consultant, and holds accreditations in NLP and Energy Psychology. Through her unique blend of strategy and energetics, she helps her clients build their very own introvert empires.

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