Ambition and introversion sometimes feel at odds with each other…but, since I’ve figured out how to leverage both qualities to create success AND a lifestyle that suits me, I know it’s possible for you too. If you’re ready to learn how to embrace your ambitious introvert strengths and build a wildly successful business on your own terms, you’re in the right place

You’re an Ambitious Introvert™, empath or HSP ready to grow your online business, break through the noise & create YOUR version of success...

Because I’m an Ambitious Introvert™, empath and HSP too, & I’ve been exactly where you are now...

I've had the 6 figure salary & benefits to match

I've travelled regularly for pleasure.

I've remained blissfully unmarried and childless, by choice, creating a life full of deep meaningful friendships instead.

I've continued my love of learning, gaining my first life coaching certification in 2006 from which I started a small side business.

I've made some savvy investments, building a 7 figure net worth in my thirties.

I've created a beautiful, successful life that filled me up.

I know what it's like to create a successful life & career

I spent 5 years as an international flight attendant to fuel my love of travel (whilst getting paid for it)

I went on to establish a successful career in one of the world's most complicated, stressful roles (not to mention Type A, masculine energy & extrovert-focussed)... 

air traffic control 

I spent 17 years behind the radar, keeping the busy, complex skies above London safe, & was selected to become an instructor for new recruits (which the coach in me loved), a role which landed me positions in Switzerland, Denmark & Spain

Then online business came around

Having been super successful in every other area of my life so far I was totally thrown when I entered this space - sound familiar?

I thought bringing that small side business online 12 years later would be as easy as building a website & posting on Facebook. But it wasn’t easy.

And being an introvert really hindered my progress.

I felt overwhelmed. 

I got lost down the rabbit hole of downloading all the free trainings & lead magnets 

I tried all the strategies (often at the same time)

I had massive resistance to niching & therefore completely failed to connect with the ideal clients

I suffered comparisonitis - I got sucked into the ‘vanity metrics’ trap - seeing the buzz about 10k followers, $10k months, five figure launches & seven figure businesses made me feel like a failure.

I invested in the wrong support

I spent too many hours on research and analysis which left me even more confused

I tried all the guru 'formulas' (cue more confusion)

I suffered complete marketing and social media burnout, with barely any leads to show for it

I kept thinking… why is this so hard?

Then I realised - as an introvert, empath and HSP with ALL the ambition, I simply wasn’t working to my strengths. That success was possible, inevitable even - but I needed to do it in a way that worked for my personality

So I decided to focus fully on my introvert superpowers - I knew those strengths could help me build a business I loved, where I could impact other people. I knew if I could not only cope, but thrive in an industry like air traffic control, I could totally build my own business. And I was right.

I worked on my mindset constantly, but deep down my intuition told me that wasn’t the problem

Got crystal clear on my ideal client, messaging and marketing plan

I blocked out the noise - instead I turned inwards, trusted myself & took action

I got the perfect support I needed, investing my time and money in the RIGHT things

I stopped with the ‘shoulds’

I went back to basics...

I finally recreated the success I’d had in balancing my ambition and my introversion in my past careers - which resulted in clarity, confidence and clients. Then it hit me…

If I struggled with this for so long…

How many others are out there feeling exactly the same as I used to? Frustrated, overwhelmed and desperate to share their gifts with the world, building a business and life they love at the same time?

So I made it my mission to help ambitious, sensitive entrepreneurs grow wildly successful businesses

Why work with me?

My studies in English language, psychology and communications set me up perfectly for coaching - I’ve always been fascinated by people, language, and what makes us 'tick'.

I’m a twice certified life coach, NLP Master, EFT and Law of Attraction accredited practitioner. I love having this mix of modalities so I can create the perfect bespoke coaching experience for each client - I was once called the Swiss Army Knife of coaches!

I’ve had 2 successful careers in highly 'extrovert' roles spanning 21 years. Being a flight attendant allowed me to gain a unique insight into people through the sheer number I encountered, many from foreign cultures. As an air traffic controller I learned the importance of strategy, mindset, decision making and resilience (and stress management!) It gave me the skills to zoom out and see the big picture when there’s lots of moving parts, and make efficient strategic decisions, and fast. My overview of your business will be crystal clear

My core values are integrity, growth & freedom, and I apply these to my daily life and my business - expect complete honesty, unwavering support and complete flexibility in adapting my coaching to what you need, when you need it

My brand values are clarity, growth, understanding, friendliness & potential - these are at the core of every session with every client. In our work together this looks like:

Clear unambiguous communication, goals and steps to achieve them - kept simple with zero overwhelm

You feeling completely understood, and gaining the confidence to be your authentic introverted self AND successful!

Me identifying & 100% believing in your potential from day one, and providing the support you need to reach it

I have 20 years experience on my own personal development, 14 years coaching experience & 40+ years of successful introverting!

My own introvert superpower is seeing infinite potential in people and inspiring them to work with their strengths. I keep things simple & I’m pretty direct (but always with love!)

And most importantly, I’m INFJ-A, Enneagram 8, Empath, Questioner, HSP, Human Design Generator, DISC Low D, High ISC, Archetype Sage

What to expect from working with me

Beach walks or yoga


Single origin pour over or oat latte




Simple, Minimal but Luxurious


Personal development or Dystopian fiction


Chicago, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv


My Favorite Things

Professional Bio

Emma-Louise is a Business & Mindset coach for ambitious introverts, empaths & highly sensitive entrepreneurs, & host of The Ambitious Introvert™ Podcast. She works with new & established entrepreneurs & helps them start, grow & scale successful, sustainable online businesses.

 With 10+ years experience she has personally coached over 100 individuals. She is a strategic life coach, trained facilitator, NLP master practitioner & holds accreditations in EFT/TFT & the Law of Attraction.

Spending 17 years as an air traffic controller & 10 years coaching new recruits to the role, Emma-Louise understands the importance of decision making, confidence & mindset for success. Her focus on clarity, consistency & habits allowed her to build a 7 figure net worth in her 30’s - she now uses these principles to help her clients build solid foundations that support massive levels of growth & success.

— Lauretta Ihonor, Career Change Strategist & founder of The Ambition Plan

Emma is helping to change the status quo and putting authenticity back into the coaching industry

— Jojo Graham, Business Coach & Mentor, Serial Entrepreneur

If you are looking to unlock your next level to elevate to multi 6 figures and beyond, there is no one else I would put my trust in other than Emma!

— Natasha Tsitiridi, Sales Coach & Founder of Bulletproof Woman

Super inspiring, super knowledgeable and really empowers her clients to achieve limitless success

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