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I’m back with a solo episode that’ll help you with the most important part of your business – making sales. The high majority of people who apply to work with me say this is their number one problem, and while there are numerous things that can be preventing people pushing that ‘buy now’ button, I’m […]

6 Reasons You’re Not Making Sales (& How to Fix Them)

Emma Louise Parkes photo and title reads: 6 Reasons You're Not Making Sales (& How to Fix Them)


It’s no secret that I love Human Design; I’ve spoken about it before on the podcast and it’s something I work with my clients on, and use in my own life and business. Today I’m going even deeper on the subject and chatting to Human Design guide and expert Erin Claire Jones.  Erin has used […]

Human Design – Your Unique Blueprint for Success with Erin Claire Jones

2 photos - one of Emma-Louise PArkes and one of Erin Claire Jones from podcast episode 91 on Human Design


Today we’re taking a look Behind The Business! My friend Kim Argetsinger is a mindset coach and business mentor who works with high achieving heart-centred passion driven creatives, entrepreneurs, and coaches. She helps them to build, grow and scale profitable businesses on their own terms (with a big emphasis on ‘your own terms’ part).  Kim […]

[Behind The Business] Owning your Zone of Genius to Grow a Business You Love with Kim Argetsinger

headshots of Emma-Louise Parkes and Kim Argetsinger with copy that reads: The Ambitious Introvert Podcast, Owning your Zone of Genius to Grow a Business You Love


We believe in the need for diversity, equity & inclusion in our business, but as sensitive souls we often worry about doing or saying the wrong thing. Hopefully my discussion with Annie Gichuru today will help to answer your questions and put some of those fears to rest, enabling you to embrace DEI as an […]

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for Empathic Business Owners with Annie Gichuru

Emma-Louise Parkes and Annie Gitchuru headshots from podcast episode. Title reads: The Ambitious Introvert Podcast episode 89 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for Empathic Business Owners with Annie Gitchuru


Based on the market research data that I collected a couple of months ago, many of you would LOVE to know more about behind the scenes at The Ambitious Introvert® and how I grow my business. In this episode, I‘ll be sharing five of the top tools that we utilise – the ones that we […]

The 5 Tech Tools I Recommend for Ambitious Introverts

Emma-Louise Parkes headshot and text that reads: The Ambitious Introvert Podcast, with Emma-Louise Parkes, The 5 Tech Tools I Recommend For Ambitious Introverts


Welcome to today’s episode, where I’m interviewing Tarzan Kay – a former copywriter-for-hire who specialises in emails that are fun to read, and more addictive than Netflix! We chat about ethical, values based marketing, understanding your audience, growing your email list and not putting all of your real estate in social media. Tarzan teaches her […]

Values Based Marketing and Email as a Long Term Strategy with Tarzan Kay


Welcome to this week’s solo episode, all about one of my favourite types of support – masterminds. I explain what masterminds are (and what they aren’t), why I believe they’re such a powerful container, some previous masterminders real world business results, and whether or not a Mastermind is right for you and your business. Plus, […]

An Introverts Guide to Masterminds


This week’s episode of The Ambitious Introvert® is with the wonderful Elise Danielle! We talk about the exact way she’s grown her amazing business as an introvert & HSP. We cover the mindset, messaging & momentum used to scale to $400k & her biggest year yet in 2021 (with 7 figures projected in 2022!) Elise […]

[Behind The Business] Simplicity while Scaling to 7 Figures as an Introvert with Elise Danielle


In today’s episode of the podcast, I’m discussing online summits. I cover what summits are, who they are good for and how they can present you as an expert in your field. I cover what it’s like attending a summit, speaking at a summit or holding your own… Oh and stay until the end to […]

Online Summits – Are They Right for Introverts & HSPs?


In today’s episode of the podcast we talk with Jordan Schanda King, CEO of Easy Scaling which offers business management for female entrepreneurs. Jordan loves creating systems and processes in all areas of her life, from how she approaches her business, and her work with clients.  Jordans latest business was only started a year ago […]

Constant Improvement with Jordan Schanda King