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September 25, 2023

We’re so used to people sharing big flashy client results on social media, but we rarely see anyone sharing the powerful coaching questions that empowered them to get there. That’s about to change as I’m dedicating this episode of The Ambitious Introvert® to just that, and sharing 3 of the juiciest questions I’ve asked my […]

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The Coaching Questions Getting My Clients Results Right Now

Why coaching is hard with Emma Louise Parkes

October 3, 2022

Welcome to this solo episode of The Ambitious Introvert® Podcast, inspired by question a client asked me a few weeks ago: “Why does coaching sometimes feel amazing? And then it sometimes feels so hard?” And as someone that has coached a lot of clients and worked with many coaches myself, I completely understood what she […]

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Why Coaching is Hard (And why that’s Ok)

Emma-Louise Parkes and text that reads: Goal Setting Tips for Ambitious Introverts

August 22, 2022

Something I’ve seen over and over with my clients is a huge resistance to setting goals. There’s often a fear of not hitting them, and therefore ‘failing’ in their eyes. This brings up lots of emotions such as shame, and not being good enough. Which in turn leads to more resistance to set goals! But […]

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Goal Setting Tips for Ambitious Introverts

Emma-Louise Parkes with copy that reads: The Ambitious Introvert Podcast - 5 Energy Leaks That are Slowing your Business Growth

August 8, 2022

Today’s episode is about 5 sneaky energy leaks in your business – that might be stopping you from growing and scaling. And even if your business is exactly where you want it to be, these leaks may still be depleting your energy, slowing you down, or making you work more than you need to for […]

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5 Energy Leaks That are Slowing your Business Growth

July 25, 2022

Whether you’re making sales consistently in your business and want to add more revenue, or are looking forward to the day you’re in that position and ready to scale, then today’s episode is for you! I’m sharing 5 easy strategies, tweaks, and mindset shifts you can use to add revenue to your business  – without […]

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5 Ways to Add More Revenue to your Business – Today!

Emma Louise Parkes photo and title reads: 6 Reasons You're Not Making Sales (& How to Fix Them)

June 27, 2022

I’m back with a solo episode that’ll help you with the most important part of your business – making sales. The high majority of people who apply to work with me say this is their number one problem, and while there are numerous things that can be preventing people pushing that ‘buy now’ button, I’m […]

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6 Reasons You’re Not Making Sales (& How to Fix Them)

Emma-Louise Parkes headshot and text that reads: The Ambitious Introvert Podcast, with Emma-Louise Parkes, The 5 Tech Tools I Recommend For Ambitious Introverts

May 30, 2022

Based on the market research data that I collected a couple of months ago, many of you would LOVE to know more about behind the scenes at The Ambitious Introvert® and how I grow my business. In this episode, I‘ll be sharing five of the top tools that we utilise – the ones that we […]

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The 5 Tech Tools I Recommend for Ambitious Introverts

March 21, 2022

Welcome to The Ambitious Introvert! This episode is a spin on the game ‘2 truths and a lie’ – I’m going to call it ‘3 lies and a truth in the online space’ instead! People are telling you that you need to make all kinds of investments to grow a viable, profitable, sustainable business. But […]

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The Only Thing You Actually Need as a New Business Owner with Emma-Louise

Social Media

March 14, 2022

Welcome to the latest episode of the podcast! If you’re a long time listener, you know that social media is not something that comes naturally to me – it’s probably the biggest stumbling block I’ve had as an introverted and HSP online entrepreneur. However, it now feels MUCH easier. After burnout forced me to change […]

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Navigating Social Media as an Ambitious Introvert with Emma-Louise