3 tips for investing in support as an introvert

November 20, 2020

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3 tips for investing in the right support as an introvert
1 – Do your research. Yes, tantalising sales copy can make us want to jump in with our credit card details, but take a step back. Check through the person’s website, social channels, testimonials. Read & re-read the sales page. Is
2 – Make a list of what you need right now, then cross check that against what’s being offered. Yes talking about hitting $10k months is great, but if you’re trying to attract your first client & the course is actually about Facebook Ads it’s probably not going to be a great fit
3 – Trust your gut – if something feels ‘off’ it probably is. If you have questions or concerns reach out – any genuine coach will be more than happy to address them to make sure their service is the right fit for you (& be honest if it’s not)
Are you an investment rusher or a relaxed reflector?!

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