Becoming MicroFamous – How to build influence, and become famously influential without a large audience with Matt Johnson

May 9, 2022

In this episode I chat with Matt Johnson – CEO and Founder of Pursuing Results and author of Microfamous. We chat about Matt’s strength in strategy that allowed him to grow his agency, hiring the right people and having the right systems in place to help coaches and consultants. We also dive into the myths around social media marketing, how the algorithms are stacked against introverts and how we can attract our perfect audience through niching down.

We talk about:

  • Pricing based on emotional change and life direction
  • The myth of large social media followings bringing greater ROI
  • The fear of niching down (and why you don’t need to be scared!)
  • How to advertise your podcast
  • Social media engagement and algorithms from the introvert’s perspective
  • Whatever happened to Clubhouse?!


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Book: The Systems Mindset: Managing the Machinery of Your Life

Visit this episode’s blog post here.