The No.1 Soft Skill to Grow your Business as a Sensitive Introvert

May 16, 2022

In today’s solo episode I talk about the highly underutilised business skills of Emotional Intelligence and Empathy. In a world where everyone is pushing marketing, ads and funnels, YOUR innate talents can be extremely beneficial in the business space – providing greater insight and understanding of yourself, and also of your clients. The best thing is not everyone has these soft skills, so as sensitive introverts let’s embrace our superpowers and use them to our advantage in our business!

I’m sharing:

  • How to bring in emotional intelligence so you can understand your audience (and show them you do)
  • Using self-reflection to see what decisions you’d make
  • Understanding your services and communication though your clients’ eyes
  • Creating a safer space for clients to feel confident in contacting you
  • Finding your audience through Facebook groups
  • Choosing groups that align with your values
  • How to own your sales calls and remove client uncertainty 


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