BTS of My Conscious Consultant Certification Journey

October 4, 2021

Welcome to this solo episode of the Ambitious Introvert. Back in April I interviewed Gemma Went for the podcast – I had just signed up for Gemma’s Conscious Consultant Certification. So today, I’m taking this opportunity to give you an insight really into what the last six months has been like for me on that journey, what I have learned from it, why I decided to do it, how it’s changed my business, and whether it’s something that I would recommend to people or not. You know I like to be transparent about what my investments are and whether they have been of good value or not, so let’s dive in. 

Topics Discussed:

  • A bit of background on the Conscious Consultant Certification and why I decided to do it
  • Why you have to know your strengths and weaknesses as a business owner
  • The value of a smooth onboarding process 
  • How the Conscious Consultant Certification has affected my business 
  • Who the Conscious Consultant Certification is for

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[00:00:00] Emma-Louise: Hello. Hello. Welcome to this solo episode of the Ambitious Introvert with me Emma Louise. And you may remember back in April, I interviewed Gemma, Went for the podcast and the reason for that was I had just signed up to do Gemma’s conscious. Consultant certification to become certified as a conscious business consultant.

And I’ve shared a little bit of this journey across social media, as they’ve been learning, you know, different modalities and going through the course, but we’re actually almost at an end. It’s almost the end of the six months. And so I wanted to take this opportunity to give you an insight really into what the last six months has been like for me on that journey.

Um, what I have learned from it, why I decided to do it, how it’s changed my business and whether it’s something that I would recommend to people or not, because I like to be transparent about what the, my investments have been good value or not. Conscious consultant certification is something that Gemma had created because she got really tired of the lack of integrity in online business.

She was seeing more and more, uh, as we all are unethical practices. Because business coaching is a booming industry. It’s not regulated. Anyone can come self coach regardless of training or experience and people that are very good at marketing can sometimes be the one that get the lion share of the clients.

But it doesn’t mean that they can actually deliver on what they’re promising. And gem has been an online business for eight years. She’s been in agencies and offline business for 22 years. It was just making her so angry. Seeing these people. Not not supporting their clients and over promising and under-delivering and people invest in lots of money.

Let’s be honest, significant investments and not getting what they need to be able to grow their business. So that is why Jemma created the certification. She wants to create a ripple effect where she knows that there are coaches and consultants out there who. All of this solid strategy that she has been using for years, she’s helped thousands of business owners.

She’s helped people get six, seven figures all sorts, and she wanted this information to be out there in the right hands so that we could really create a change in the industry. If you didn’t listen to that episode with Gemma, um, back in April’s episode 32, I’d highly recommend it because she goes into a lot more detail about the thought process behind it and what went into creating it.

And it’s a really, really, really interesting. So I found out about the certification because I’m on Gemma’s email list and this in itself is quite special because I am subscribed to exactly four email lists. I keep a very tidy inbox and the recent I was on Gemma’s email list is I was in her membership last year for two or three months.

I was in consistency club while I was between one-on-one coach. And this is significant because I thought it was a fantastic membership. I really enjoyed my time in there and could not say enough good things about it. I kept saying it kept saying to everyone that would listen, it was like this gym membership.

Brilliant. Um, it was really new at the time. Um, I still go in now and I’m sure it’s still wonderful, but I left after that three months, I liked to focus on one thing at a time and I started with a new coach, so I didn’t need it. However, I did enjoy that time. Being supported by Jemar being in that container so much that I stayed on her email list.

Um, she’s very insightful emails, so I highly recommend signing up. And this one popped through all about the certification and I was not. Considering making an investment in anything else this year, let alone a certification just wasn’t even on my radar was not planned at all. So you may be thinking, well then why did you join?

So, first of all, I just felt a really big pole. I felt a huge pull to, as soon as I read it, it was one of those things where everything that was written in the, in the email and then the sales page just really, really connected. And I was like, oh, so I’m a generator in human design. So I got the big site crawl.

Yes. I am an emotional generator, which means I have to write out my waves for a few days before making big decisions. So I, so I sat with it two or three days and then read it again. And I still got back. Yes, that big pool. So that was the first reason. But secondly, it made a lot of sense for where I was in my business, because I was very aware at that point, the business strategy was actually my weakest link.

In my coaching. So I’ve been certified coach, 15 years. I’ve been actively coaching for 12 years. I’m an NLP master. I’ve been doing all of these things. So regular thousands of hours of that, um, the mindset work, the energy work, all of that. Those are my strengths. Those are the things that I do day in, day out.

The business strategy was my weaker link. And that’s not to say I haven’t learned a lot. I’ve been through a lot of programs. I’ve done a lot of research, obviously, because I love to research. I have, um, you know, written numerous books. I’ve worked with amazing coaches one-on-one and learnt so much from them.

But I was still very aware that there was a lot that I didn’t know. So this made complete sense. I realized that by having this knowledge and this certification, it would give me literally the whole package that I need to help people successfully grow their businesses. So that’s why I joined. Now. I’m going to share a little bit about how I found it throughout.

And the first thing I’ll say is that the actual. Customer experience and journey throughout the certification was out standing from like the second we were onboarded, I have never been through such a smooth program and Gemma hired an instructional designer to make it so that it just flows. It just flows seamlessly from one model to the next it’s just.

It was not like any other program that I had been through. I was so impressed with it that I have now hired an instructional designer, myself, who I’m working with for the last quarter of this year, um, to completely redesign and build up my mastermind ready for scale, because I saw what a difference it makes to people coming through the program to have this kind of experience.

So firstly, that was great. Secondly, there was a lot of support from Gemma a lot more than I would have expected if I’m honest. So we have a private Facebook group for myself and the other members of the certification. I think it was 23 of us in total, um, and Gemara and her team are in there every day.

Um, but if you have any questions or anything, the response time to get back to you is so fast. Um, and Gemma’s in there herself as well, daily, which is lovely. We have weekly calls. So either to go through what we’ve done, if we’re on an active module and working through things or on some of them more implementation weeks, just to ask anything really about our business, as well as the certification, she’s been really supportive on that as have the other members.

And the only thing I would say. It is challenging because it’s a lot of information. So this is deep, this isn’t fluff, this isn’t the kind of thing that, you know, you’re going to get in a free download. She’s really like laid it all out on the table and shared all of her IP that she’s collected over the last eight years.

So lots of new information, a couple of things I have to consider. I opted to take three less one-on-one client. The night would usually, while I was doing this certification, because realistically, especially in the early stages, I had to block out at least half a day, a week to do the work. So I knew this one I signed up that was a conscious decision that initially I would have to limit my one-on-one number.

But knowing that once I’d completed it, it would open up a again, which in fact it is. So I do have three one-on-one spaces open up in Q4 of this year. If that is something you are interested in learning more about, then do get in touch. Anyway, that is on a tangent, but yet there is a time commitment and it is very, very tiring.

It’s a lot to learn. It’s like going through school. So. It is, you know, and I, I don’t mind that at all. I loved that, but it was something that I noticed. I suddenly, like I say, needed to block out that space. It was time to outsource more admin as well. The clarity had team on board, but I started to realize that I really wanted to keep the bandwidth for the study to make sure that I was getting the most out of.

That said there is plenty of integration time too. So some of the meteor modules that maybe the videos are kind of pushing an hour, there’s lots of assets to look through lots of spreadsheets. And then, um, so if I didn’t make it clear, we have to go through the whole certification for our own business.

So I have run my business through every single aspect of this certification. Um, that was our way of learning it. So. As well as that, she did give us plenty of integration time. So some of the modules were split over two weeks. So we would have two calls about that module. We’d have two weeks to get the homework done, ask questions, all of that.

So although it was. Challenging and in depth it was never rushed. It never felt rushed, or like we didn’t have enough time. So how it’s affected my business? The first thing to note, as I said is I have to block out time that I could have sold to one-on-one clients. So I made that decision, um, for short-term lost, long-term gain, just something to bear in mind.

Um, I now have a solid, like solid business strategies and frameworks to use with clients that have been proven of 22 years, which is just incredible. Um, and you know, I’ve applied a number of them in my own business now and tested them out and I know they can just see how amazing they are. So that’s the biggest thing.

These frameworks, they’re not formulas. It’s not like, oh, I did this and my business blew up and I’ll teach you to do the same. It’s completely not that this is the kind of work that business consultants do. So. As well as having all of that evidence behind it and all of that experience, I can now help plants to create business models with these frameworks, but beyond what I’ve experienced.

So I’m not now limited by things that I’ve done myself or different strategies I’ve used, or, you know, marketing tactics that I’ve used. And I’m not bound by any of that because I’ve got the whole broad spectrum knowledge to be able to co-create a plan with my clients. They can earn more and scale beyond what I have done in my own business, which I have always attracted clients.

I’ve a number of clients earn more than me, um, because I’m very intentional about my business. I choose to work a low number of hours per week, between 15 and 20 at the moment. So completely my choice, but based on that business model and what they want, a lot of them are, you know, way out earning me. And what this means is that I can.

Now support them even further as they go on to scale because they have these really solid, proven frameworks, which is amazing. Something else that’s being. Priceless I would say is all of the assets that Gemma has shared with us. We can use in courses and masterminds and digital product. So I don’t now have to go and create a huge eye bank or resource fault or anything behind.

My masterminds or for my one-on-one clients, because I’ve got this ready-made and ready to go. And I know that it works like there’s no point reinventing the wheel. So I have all of this amazing stuff that I can share with my clients. The last thing I would say the most important, this has enabled me. To confidently raise my prices for 2022.

So I feel very much that any increase in price, shouldn’t just be to keep up with what everyone else is charging. It really has to be dependent on your experience. It has to be dependent on the transformation to your plans and what you can deliver. And so. Once the certification completes in October and I can use all of the frameworks, uh, be signed in three more one-on-one clients this year at current prices.

But then I know that I can confidently charge more for my services because of everything that I have learnt. All of the assets that have got all of the proven strategies, everything, which just feels really, really amazing to know that I can increase my prices and know that I’m giving even more value to people that I’ve actually got something extra to provide to my client.

As I said earlier, I’ve run my own business through all of the different modules on the frameworks, within that. And since doing that, I have had my biggest sales month. I’ve had my piece sales week in fact, and my biggest cash month in my business since applying all of this, this work to my own business as well.

So. If this sounds interesting and something that you think maybe I would like to join the second cohort of this. Cause we were the first to go through. I will tell you who I’d recommend it for, because it’s obviously not for everyone. It is absolutely for coaches mentors, but there is no doubt about that.

If you are in the online space and you are any kind of business coach or mentor, or if you are coach mentor to entrepreneurs, but not necessarily about their business, but you want to have a deeper understanding, then hundred percent would recommend. Some other people that run the certification that they’ve seen it be really useful for our agency owners, apt strategists, because they’ve been able to bring that knowledge and mix it with what they do.

Brandon experts, copywriters, social media managers. OBMs because I think having this all around business knowledge, it’s not just to go and help other people with it’s to apply to your own business as well. So absolutely any of those people now, one thing that I’ve left till the end, because it’s slightly different is the fact that.

There is energy clearing within the certification. So the majority of it is very strategy based, you know, research strategy, marketing, vision, ops team, all of that. But Gemma also added in her conscious energy clearing. Now this is a method of clearing negative energy, um, which Gemma worked with Michelle low bridge.

Designed energy editing. And she worked with Michelle to design these unique codes, um, really to enable us to release the negative emotions that hold us back around common mindset blocks as entrepreneurs. So things about fear of judgment, things about. Finances and money mindsets. So this was a really big part of the certification, um, and actually blend really beautifully with all of the strategy that we were taught.

So I can’t use this with clients or as a service. Till October and I’m certified, but I was paired up with one of the other ladies and the certification and we have run all of these codes on each other. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that, um, I’ve had my largest sales and cash months and I’ve gone through all of the codes.

So that is just something that. It is of course, related to everything else, but it feels a little bit different. Um, so I want to share that because it’s been really, really powerful. And as someone that works with energy already in my EFT and TFT, I’m really excited to bring this in because I’ve seen the results that people have got in the group.

And it’s just been incredible. So that is my very honest, very transparent Roundup of my time. Um, in the certification, I hope that’s given you a little bit more background as to what I’ve been doing for the last six months and how it’s going to affect my business and the changes. The I’m going to be making.

And if this is something that you think you could benefit from, if you feel that same kind of Paul that I did, I, ain’t going to pop a link in the show notes for you to go and check out the application. Gemma’s got the applications open. Now I’m ready to start in November of 2022. So do go and have a look, have a nosy, see how it feels.

And if you do go ahead and apply using. Okay. Anyone that signs up to do the certification, I would love to offer you a free 90 minute strategy session with me, um, which you can use at any point during that certification, whether you want to use it before you go in. So that you’re super clear or whether you want to use it at some point during it.

I would love to offer you that and support you on this journey because. As you’ve heard, I cannot say enough good things about it. And I think that the more people that are educated in the correct methods and principles of business in the online space, then it can only mean better things for all of us and app businesses.

So link is in the bio. If you are interested, if you’ve got any questions at all about it, then do let me know. You can always find me on Instagram, in the Facebook group at the ambitious introvert network. Um, so. Hopefully that has been of interest to some of you. I will be back next week. And in the meantime, take care.