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How much consideration do you give to your working environment as an HSP and introvert? In this episode I’m speaking with my lovely friend Kristy Vail, a Certified Life Coach. For the last 3+ years she’s been helping sensitive and introverted individuals work through confidence-related challenges that impact their well-being. In addition to coaching, Kristy […]

Creating your Perfect Environment as an HSP with Kristy Vail


Whether you’re making sales consistently in your business and want to add more revenue, or are looking forward to the day you’re in that position and ready to scale, then today’s episode is for you! I’m sharing 5 easy strategies, tweaks, and mindset shifts you can use to add revenue to your business  – without […]

5 Ways to Add More Revenue to your Business – Today!


We’re almost two years into the podcast and I can’t believe it’s taken this long to dedicate an episode to one of my favourite mindset and energy modalities, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  However I promise you it’s been worth the wait, as today I’m chatting all things tapping with everyone’s favourite “EFT Wizard” Brad Yates! […]

Tapping into Your Potential With Brad Yates

Headshots of Emma-Louise Parkes and guest for podcast episode on EFT


I’m back with a solo episode that’ll help you with the most important part of your business – making sales. The high majority of people who apply to work with me say this is their number one problem, and while there are numerous things that can be preventing people pushing that ‘buy now’ button, I’m […]

6 Reasons You’re Not Making Sales (& How to Fix Them)

Emma Louise Parkes photo and title reads: 6 Reasons You're Not Making Sales (& How to Fix Them)


Today we’re taking a look at how other entrepreneurs run their business! My friend Kim Argetsinger is a mindset coach and business mentor who works with high achieving heart-centred passion driven creatives, entrepreneurs, and coaches. She helps them to build, grow and scale profitable businesses on their own terms (with a big emphasis on ‘your […]

Owning your Zone of Genius to Grow a Business You Love with Kim Argetsinger


Welcome to this week’s solo episode, all about one of my favourite types of support – masterminds. I explain what masterminds are (and what they aren’t), why I believe they’re such a powerful container, some previous masterminders real world business results, and whether or not a Mastermind is right for you and your business. Plus, […]

An Introverts Guide to Masterminds


This week’s episode of The Ambitious Introvert® is with the wonderful Elise Danielle! We talk about the exact way she’s grown her amazing business as an introvert & HSP. We cover the mindset, messaging & momentum used to scale to $400k & her biggest year yet in 2021 (with 7 figures projected in 2022!) Elise […]

Simplicity while Scaling to 7 Figures as an Introvert with Elise Danielle


Welcome to this week’s episode of the Ambitious Introvert! I’m really thrilled to have Catherine Wood with me today, and I’m very excited to delve into her expertise in her very specific type of coaching – empathic business coaching. She’s also going to share a little bit more about herself and her background and how […]

Thriving as an Empathic Business Owner with Catherine Wood



Welcome back to the Ambitious Introvert, this week I’m continuing my oh-so-candid conversation with my dear friend, Aimee Browne. If you haven’t listened to Part One from last week, be sure to check that out first. Today, we’re expanding on the common challenges blocks that Aimee and I have faced as both introverted and extroverted […]

The Common Mindset Challenges of Entrepreneurship with Aimee Browne [Part 2]

mindset challenges


Hello, welcome to this week’s episode of the Ambitious Introvert! As you know, all of my guests are special, but this guest is very, very special because she’s one of my closest friends. Aimee Browne is an online business strategist and we have been a part of each other’s business journeys for almost two and […]

The Common Mindset Challenges of Entrepreneurship with Aimee Browne [Part 1]

mindset challenges