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Today we’re going to sneak peek into the business of my friend and fellow entrepreneur Krystle Church. Krystle runs a boutique copywriting studio and business education platform for freedom-driven entrepreneurs. She helps women scale their business in a feel-good way, and spend more time away from their desk than they do at it – using […]

Creating Multiple Revenue Streams and Defining Success without Numbers with Krystle Church


Welcome to this week’s solo episode, all about one of my favourite types of support – masterminds. I explain what masterminds are (and what they aren’t), why I believe they’re such a powerful container, some previous masterminders real world business results, and whether or not a Mastermind is right for you and your business. Plus, […]

An Introverts Guide to Masterminds


This week’s episode of The Ambitious Introvert® is with the wonderful Elise Danielle! We talk about the exact way she’s grown her amazing business as an introvert & HSP. We cover the mindset, messaging & momentum used to scale to $400k & her biggest year yet in 2021 (with 7 figures projected in 2022!) Elise […]

Simplicity while Scaling to 7 Figures as an Introvert with Elise Danielle


In today’s episode of the podcast, I’m discussing online summits. I cover what summits are, who they are good for and how they can present you as an expert in your field. I cover what it’s like attending a summit, speaking at a summit or holding your own… Oh and stay until the end to […]

Online Summits – Are They Right for Introverts & HSPs?


In today’s episode of the podcast we talk with Jordan Schanda King, CEO of Easy Scaling which offers business management for female entrepreneurs. Jordan loves creating systems and processes in all areas of her life, from how she approaches her business, and her work with clients.  Jordans latest business was only started a year ago […]

Constant Improvement with Jordan Schanda King


Can you imagine success in public speaking, even as an introvert? On today’s podcast episode Marielle Legair, keynote speaker and trainer, is joining me to share her story with paid public speaking. She has an enormous amount of experience, making her deeply qualified to share her tips for fellow introverts who are looking to increase […]

Public Speaking for Introverts with Marielle Legair

public speaking


This week on The Ambitious Introvert we are talking podcasts! So many of my clients and & audience say they’d love to be a guest on a podcast, but don’t know how to do it, or have never been invited onto any. So I couldn’t think of anyone better to come and talk us through […]

Successful Podcast Pitching with Mai-Kee Tsang

podcast pitching


This is a conversation I have with so many of my clients, around how they presentthemselves online What do I call myself? Coach? Mentor? Consultant? What if people judge me?  What if I don’t have the correct certification/experience/accreditation? What if they think I’m a charlatan?  What if I have no proof?  What if they don’t […]

You can’t be wrong in how you market your expertise


Today Jennifer Locke is joining me to talk about Introvert Friendly businesses and marketing. She has built her own business to make it comfortable for herself while also supporting other introverted entrepreneurs. You’ll hear how to create a business that you can love, too, especially as an ambitious introvert. Jennifer and I discuss: Why Jennifer […]

Building an Introvert Friendly Business with Jennifer Locke


A few months ago I carried out some market research amongst my audience. One thingwhich came back over & over was how they all hate money posts. They’re sickof people talking about 5 figure months, 6 figure years & 7 figure businesses. In fact it was one of the things that annoyed them most about […]

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