Flourishing as an Introvert with Joanna Rawbone

August 21, 2023

When my guest Joanna Rawbone found out she was an introvert it was such a revelation that it played a pivotal role in her personal growth and business. Joanna’s an Executive Coach and certified Myers Briggs Practitioner, and she truly believes that owning your strengths and articulating them positively is key to flourishing in your career AND your life. 

Joanna’s clients are mostly mid-career introverts in STEM & professional services who know they have more to offer, and are tired of being overlooked and undervalued. Joanna helps them decide what flourishing and fulfilment really mean to them, so they can take the right action to make that their reality.

We also discuss extroversion bias within businesses and explore Joanna’s role as a champion for us often overlooked introverts, something I am particularly interested in too!

Tune in to find out:

  • The two things that stood out for Joanna when training as a Myers Briggs Practitioner
  • Why she’s a big fan of the MBTI
  • How Joanna empowers her introverted clients
  • How working in business in different countries demonstrated to Joanna the different culture styles that really embraced introverts in the workplace
  • Joanna’s journey into business and what made her decide to leave the corporate world behind and branch out on her own
  • The aspect of running her business that she enjoys the most


Website: www.flourishingintroverts.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/Introvertscorner

Linked In: www.linkedin.com/in/joannarawbone


Resonant Leadership by Richard Boyatzis & Annie McKee


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