High Sensitivity – What It Really Means

November 16, 2020

This week I’m joined by Dr. Katie T. Larson, PhD to discuss high sensitivity in depth and get down to what it truly means to be a highly sensitive person. Dr. Katie was originally a scientist and an educator: teaching students of all ages and working with scientists all over the world. When she discovered she was a HSP, suddenly everything made sense! Now through self-compassionate exploration and embodied practices she no longer feels ashamed of her challenges and truly embraces her Sensitivity. Today she works as a Growth and Transformation expert specializing in working with Empaths, Intuitives, and Highly Sensitive People. 

Dr. Katie and I talk about:

  • What high sensitivity feels like
  • The importance of rest versus sleep as an HSP
  • Highly sensitive traits
  • Ways high sensitivity can feel helpful as well as hindering at times
  • How to find out if you’re an HSP 
  • Tips to manage your sensitivities and balance/rewire your nervous system
  • Recognizing the whispers (i.e. listening to your body) to prevent symptoms and stressors

Dr. Katie is a wife, mother, scientist, mentor, consultant, author, researcher, and storyteller as well as a certified Creative Depth Coach, and is training to become a Coach for Spiritual Emergence. She has been a TEDx speaker and her work has been featured on radio and television in Asia and North America. 

Dr. Katie’s Book Recommendation: 

The Highly Sensitive Person by Dr. Elaine Aron

I Don’t Want to Be an Empath Anymore: How to Reclaim Your Power Over Emotional Overload, Maintain Boundaries, and Live Your Best Life by Ora North

Connect With Dr. Katie: