How to Speak and Stand Out as an Introvert with Laurie-Ann Murabito

November 21, 2022

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One of the many misconceptions about being an introvert is that we’re all quiet and shy, but if you’ve listened to this podcast for a while you’ll KNOW that’s not the case. This week’s guest is proof that even if you do consider yourself as shy, that doesn’t need to be your identity forever!

Laurie-Ann Murabito describes herself as a reformed painfully shy girl who accidentally became a professional speaker. One of the things I loved about our conversation is how Laurie-Ann uses stories to connect with her audience, and that’s something we can all implement straight away.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How speaking (like anything in business) is a muscle you need to exercise
  • Why being a sensitive introvert means you already have the soft skills needed to speak, either 1:1 or to a larger group
  • Why being more confident as a speaker means you can talk about your business in a more engaging way
  • Why speaking is the key to building relationships, whether that’s on social media, in a small group or on a stage
  • How having a simple process for speaking helps you build confidence, remove emotion and improve each and every time


Laurie-Ann’s book recommendation: Soundtracks by John Acuff

The book Emma-Louise mentioned: Presence by Patsy Rodenburg


Website: https://www.SpeakAndStandOut.com 

LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurie-ann-murabito/ 

IG: https://www.Instagram.com/laurieann.murabito 

Podcast: Be In Demand with Laurie-Ann https://podfollow.com/1524969833 


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