Introvert myths that are killing your confidence

January 27, 2021

The 3 biggest introvert myths that are killing your confidence (& the truth you need to remember instead)

1 – Myth: Introverts are shy

Truth: Introverts like a stand back & assess a situation before getting involved, so it takes us longer to approach & get to know new people

2 – Myth: Introverts are bad at public speaking

Truth: Some incredible public speakers are introverts. We often just need sufficient time to research & prepare. If we feel ready, we’ll perform beautifully

3 – Myth – Introverts aren’t cut out to be online entrepreneurs

Truth: Our introvert traits (or superpowers as I like to call them) make us perfectly suited to building wildly successful online businesses. We just have to do it in an introvert-aligned way

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