Niching down is an introvert’s best friend

February 17, 2021

Niching down is an introvert’s best friend

While many of us are multi talented & KNOW we can help many people with many things, marketing in the online space does NOT favour broad generalists

It favours specialists

In an arena full of noise, niching allows you to be that go-to person without having to shout louder than anyone else. To be that expert in your thing (whatever your thing may be). The person who your potential clients know is the only obvious choice for them to hire because you solve the exact problem they have

Niching down makes creating content a breeze. It opens up opportunities for collaborations, speaking events or podcast interviews – after all, it’s so obvious what you do that people know exactly what value you’ll bring to their audience

It means people happily refer their friends & clients to you, knowing exactly what service you deliver, & to who

Niching means you can go deep vs wide. Us introverts love to delve into a topic, truly understanding it with ongoing research & learning.

It means when someone asks you what you do, rather than fumbling around trying to vaguely describe it, you have a confident, succinct description that rolls off the tongue

Niching is good for our introvert energy. Our niche is a guideline for who & where our focus should be, helping us stay in our lane, avoid Shiny Object Syndrome & prioritise

All in all, niching gives us the confidence we need to get visible & sell our services which is vital when it comes to building a successful, sustainable business!

How was niching down helped you in your business?