Numerology for Business Success with Jo Soley

October 18, 2021

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Ambitious Introvert. Something I’ve learnt in my own personal development and self discovery journey is that there are so many different ways that we can understand ourselves. The more awareness and understanding that we heave helps us to better understand ourselves and give ourselves permission to be exactly who we are. With this said, I am a big fan and proponent of using numerology in life and business. So when I came across Jo Soley, owner of Bizology, I knew that I had to have her on the podcast. Today she’ll be sharing more about the practice and doing a live reading of my own numbers, enjoy!

Jo and I discuss:

  • How learning numerology helped Jo understand herself better and ignite her passion to help others 
  • A live session of my numerology reading and how I’m living in alignment
  • The history of numerology and how it can show us who we are on a deeper level
  • Having the confidence to own your woo, especially with those who don’t understand
  • The non-monetary results and changes Jo’s clients have seen

Jo Soley uses the power of numerology to help entrepreneurs elevate their business success. Learn more about how you can work with her here.

Jo’s book recommendation for The Ambitious Introvert:

Your are Cosmic Code: Essential Numerology by Kaitlyn Kaerhart 

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[00:00:00] Emma-Louise Parkes: Hi guys, welcome to this week’s episode of the ambitious introvert podcast with me, Emma Louise. And one of the things in my own personal development and self discovery I have found is that there are so many different ways that we can understand ourselves. And obviously introversion and sensitivity is one.

The mistake comes. I think when we put ourselves into a box and think that we can’t do things or shouldn’t do things, but I would say the more awareness that we’ve got and the more different ways that we can look at understanding ourselves to give ourselves permission, to be who we are, and really work with our strengths, the better.

And I’m really excited for today’s interview because a couple of years ago, I worked with an energy coach and one of the things that she did was a neurology redone. And honestly, I’m fairly woo and open-minded, but I was like, well really based on my name. No, I don’t think so. And when I call the report, it was shockingly accurate.

So since then I am a big fan and a big proponent of using numerology in life and business. So when I came across Joe, I knew that I had to have her on the podcast as an expert. So, Joe, thank you so much for joining us today. 

[00:01:19] Jo Soley: Thank you for inviting me. 

[00:01:21] Emma-Louise Parkes: Could you tell us a little bit more about your business and who you 

[00:01:25] Jo Soley: help?

Yeah. Great. So my business is biz ology. I use the power of numerology to help you elevate your business success. But actually it’s more about understanding who you are as a business owner. And from that place, you can move forward because let’s face it. Life isn’t easy. Right. But we make it more difficult.

So we’re here to do a job. I’m here to do a job that you can’t. You’re here to do a job I can’t do. And if you don’t do it, it doesn’t go to the next person. It just doesn’t get done. So it’s really important that we do the jobs that we’re here to do. And numerology shows you what you’re here to do. So then running your business is so much more aligned because you’re running your business in alignment with your American energies.

So what I did, I help. Business owners, entrepreneurs understand who they are at a deeper level so that they can run their business from their purpose. I love 

[00:02:34] Emma-Louise Parkes: that. And how did you come to be interested in numerology? What sparked it 

[00:02:38] Jo Soley: off? So I’ve always been fascinated in them, but it’s not like a counts, not like maths, but let the energy, if numbers and every time that there was a magazine or a blog article, I’d make a beeline for it.

When I was tiny, like four or five mum said that I used to ask her to write down. All of the people in my class and I’d just write numbers after numbers, after numbers next to their names. It’s really interesting that I had that energy and alignment with it at such a young age. And then I think it was 2017.

Yeah, it was international women’s day 2017. I went to an event in Letchworth and it was raining and it was. And I sat down at the keynote speakers. Opening gambit was forget international women’s day. It’s international women’s millennium. Right? So we have met hello because we work in now in the energy, the number to the two thousands and two is about divine, feminine, sacred knowledge.

And. Connection it sensitivity. So, um, that night everything he said, I was like shaking my head in disbelief because I’ve really got to understand myself deeper through the lens of neurology. And I’m working with the energy of the LifePath one. It’s the leader it’s innovative. But it’s not easy to work in your life path and we will do everything in our power to kind of avoid it.

And, but when we aligned to it, that’s where the magic happens. So I was full of magic magnetism, but the world’s best kept secret. I was. Being a life path to the power behind the throne, helping everybody else run their business. But it wasn’t meant to be doing that since I really appreciate my one energy bringing in crazy time stuff like urology into these days at 48, never married, no kids.

That’s one energy and, and it works for me. So what I do now, I went to London, college of psychic studies. I’ve read lots of books, but just started doing sessions. And I don’t call myself a numerologist cause I’m a business coach, but I created . 

[00:05:12] Emma-Louise Parkes: Ah, I love all of it because I’m all about alignment. And I like what we’re going to discuss today, which I think would be really interesting for listeners who are new to it is Joe is actually, um, run my numbers.

So she’s got all my energies there, which we’re going to talk through. And then I can give you a really honest idea of how accurate is or say like how that type of energy has played out in my life or in my 

[00:05:38] Jo Soley: business. Cool. So, um, Emma is working first of all, stri out the gate. Let’s look at the ear for Emma, a B, C, D E fifth, letter of the alphabet.

Look at the, okay. Let’s draw a capital E in the sky case is it’s like straight down the line. It’s not going anywhere. It’s not blocking anywhere. Right? It’s quite boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Yeah. So what you see is what you get look at the J well, it’s a bit can rock from side to side, can wobble at times a very straight down the line, but then I’m like throw my toys out.

My prime occasionally. Really? Yeah. So the EA is very boom, boom, boom, boom. And it’s five. So AMA is working with the energy. If she chooses to have the life path five, which is the adventure app, it’s all about movement, change, expansion, freedom and growth fives. Were the girls at school who are good at French.

Good at cooking. Good at gym. Good at this good at this good at would work in a bit of everything by. It’s not about the job or the relationship or the house or the country it’s changed. And the rolling stone gathers no Moss and in life. Uh, other lessons. So it’s not an easy number to be. It can go anywhere.

It’s the middle of the keyboard. It can go anywhere, but sometimes five freezes. It’s one of the hardest numbers to be, but it’s adventure. So it’s mark Zuckerberg. I think Facebook is different. It’s out there. He ran with it. It worked it’s JK rounding. Harry Potter is different. It’s out there. She ran with it.

It works. So the way you all doing business, it’s different. Okay. You’ve you’ve got lots of modalities, like. And I’ll pay psychology if T and Hans energetics mindset mastery. Good. Throw the kitchen sink at it because it’s meant to be like that for a five and a G you can’t, you have to be Jack of all trades and master of none.

Otherwise you’d be bored, stiff, just trying to do one thing. 

[00:07:56] Emma-Louise Parkes: Can I just say I had this exact discussion with my coach, like two hours ago, we’re having this exact discussion about. It can be really easy to market if you’re a specialist and your niche down into one thing. And by having all of those different things, that it can be more difficult.

But I said to her, I, to be really bored doing the same thing in every session over and over, I love the variety. So that’s 

[00:08:22] Jo Soley: why. Yeah. And it wouldn’t work for you. So fives are very popular. Fives can take risk five, this global clients for you, international clients for you, but there’s seven and a half billion people in the world, right?

We’re not just going to chop them all into 11 numbers. That’s like saying your Pisces. No, Mary’s so going deeper. You’re born on the second. So this is the intuitive piece. This is the sacred knowledge. This is the sensitivity piece, tensions, detail, balance harmony flow, and yeah. Kind of that connection with others.

Yeah. So, so it’s, he’s, this is good. Your approach number. It’s easy for people to stay here. This is the number you’ll pick up in most people’s energies. This is the number that you wear when you’re younger or when you’re tired and overwhelmed, but you don’t want to be the center of. One whose prevention do you want to be the adventurer you sensitive?

So everything you talk about introverts and past HSPs, that’s perfectly to that. There’s no mistakes. So then we start to understand the alignment piece. We understand a little bit more about what’s going on. You’ll come work in nine year cycles and there’s better years and years to do things. And you’re currently in a one year and you have been since your birthday, and this is a great year for you to go for it.

Start the new control locally. You imagine in the PO you’re in a plane with taken off. Yeah. So this is a great year for you to really see the new, because whatever you do this year will grow over the next nine years. Going deeper. You’re in a seven months in June. So you might be called to retreat. To learn, to seek, to think, to question, to analyze because that’s the energy of seven.

And your name isn’t who you are. It’s who you look like. You are. So people treat you like this. And to some extent you behave like this. So Emma Louis Parks vibrates the number three. So you know, your social media and your website, your branding is all very three, which is communicative and creative. Right.

But behind closed doors, It will be more five and 

[00:10:53] Emma-Louise Parkes: two. Definitely. Definitely more to behind 

[00:10:55] Jo Soley: close to us. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely. The magic will happen in your five because that’s your destiny number, the path you’re here to walk this lifetime, but it’s easier to be, to go in deeper with the name, your solar, which is what it says in the tin.

What your soul wants you to do is eight, which is high standard, high ticket professional. Having a plan. Yes. Strength. And, you know, you, you said to me at the top of the call before we recorded that that’s very in your energies, but you can change your name. You can’t change your date of birth. You can change your name.

So when people change their name, then what happens is sometimes they can love the name change because they love how people treat them. But sometimes it can be challenging. 

[00:11:51] Emma-Louise Parkes: Yeah, I can be. I think, especially if you changing your name, say due to marriage and you’ve been one energy for 30, 40 years or something, and then you suddenly change.

I can imagine. 

[00:12:05] Jo Soley: Yeah, definitely. It has so many weak percussions and then they blame the poker high. It’s not like you were together nine years. Does that mean it’s the name? Because what’s the spouse. That’s why we call it spelling words are your ones, you know, but the vows they’re kind of magic. 

[00:12:29] Emma-Louise Parkes: I love.

Yeah. Like every, we had this chat before we started recording and yeah, I’ve had this done before. Um, but so much of it rings true. You know, when you’re saying about the five energy and you said, you know, growth, venture freedom and like growth and freedom. But two of my top core values, like every single time I redo values, elicitation it’s integrity, growth and freedom.

It has been for years. Um, so really relate with that. And the eight as well, the like, yes, you know, the high achiever and I want everything to be high quality and really well-delivered and all of that thing. So yeah, it just all. 

[00:13:08] Jo Soley: So I’m going to go a bit deeper here, a bit whoop. And with the number that you were in a previous life is one the leader.

So your soul fancies this because it’s familiar. So you can be very one leadership, innovative, direct, original, but we can end up being the negative of this one. So. Number that I was in the previous life is nine. Right. And that’s loving, caring, kind of got to watch my boundaries. I didn’t even know what a boundary was probably till about six years ago.

So it was a piece of fencing and I’ve got to watch my over-giving undercharging. That kind of thing. You’ll need to watch with this one that you’re either not people pleasing or being a bit boss. Kind of dominant or being a bit too kind of me. Maybe there’s various with one. Yeah, same as nine nine can either be, make it all about them or make it about other people.

So there’s just something to watch, but we are the negative event numbers. Everything else is just guidance. 

[00:14:28] Emma-Louise Parkes: I love it. And I, it’s funny, you said that because I, um, go, go and slightly, we, again, um, I have my Akashic records read a while ago and they said like, come prepared with questions for, for the records.

And so one of the questions that I had is like, is there anything from a past life that is holding me back in this life, because obviously there’s an overlap and they just, the guys are great coach. Which wound. Okay. Oh, okay. So then they’re like, yeah, like you probably can be scared to speak up because if something’s happened and in a past life, but also you could be over, you could speak too much and be too dominant because you’re trying to make up for maybe being punished for that.

So I get what you say in that. Like there’s always the dark and light side of each thing, 

[00:15:24] Jo Soley: but I believe that. Uh, so like this is as old as the Hills, right? This is old as time. And. The Egyptians, the Greeks is in the Bible, the Kabbalah, but it’s as new as the next decision we’re going to make. And I believe that we are being kind of guided back to these sacred tools because they’re so powerful.

Like the moon astrology I do. Palmistry hand-writing analysis. They all show us who we are on a deep level. And it’s so powerful.

Oh, sorry. Sorry. It’s bonded work, but really it’s, it’s more powerful than knowing how to do Facebook ads. It 

[00:16:13] Emma-Louise Parkes: is. Yeah. I have my, um, astrology chart, my natal chart done a few months ago. And again, I’d love to astrology when I was a kid, but in a very, you know, like, oh, Pisces this week, you’ll feel like, but having the actual chart done and seeing.

CNA, you know, she explained it was like a 90 minute session. It’s just fascinating because it’s so individualized, obviously. Um, and then again, just that awareness, like you said, of all of these ancient tools that people might poopoo or think it’s a bit woo or a bit, whatever. And then when we look at them, I don’t know anyone that looks into these things and goes, oh, it wasn’t accurate.

It’s always like, yeah, that’s that’s me. That’s true. 

[00:16:56] Jo Soley: Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Definitely. And even if people are kind of worried for us, I am. Uh, call it physiology curious. Cause they are cute. Yes. And then that kind of gives them the permission to, you know, try and emphasize my family think I’m mad, but then they see I’ve made really good business outfit.

So they just let me get on with it. 

[00:17:21] Emma-Louise Parkes: It’s funny. Cause when I’ve, I’ve had people on the podcast talking about manifestation, I’ve had someone talk about human design. I think I mentioned the Akashic records before and I, I would go, oh, I’m sorry. I’ve gone wound. They might. Well, I apologize. I didn’t have to, but I, you know, in my, it’s not something I do in my business as such.

I mean, I do talk to my clients about energy work and manifestation and different things. But for some reason, I think, because it’s not in my general content and then I’ll mention it and I’ll be like, oh, I’m sorry. And then I’m like, no, I’m not sorry. This is good stuff. 

[00:17:53] Jo Soley: Yeah, no, definitely. But even to some people, NLP and EFT would be a bit out there.

[00:17:59] Emma-Louise Parkes: It’s funny when I first did my NLP certification, I think it was 2015. And yeah, I remember mentioning it to a few people that, you know, it wasn’t in the online space then. And these people that are not into any kind of personal development or they just thought it was. A bit weird, like wa like Euro wallet, what do you mean?

You’re reprogramming your brain with language and, yeah, so yeah, a hundred percent and a little bit like when the secret came out and people, everyone was raving about it and some people just thought it was the most ridiculous. Thing ever, you know, a lot of people obviously benefited from it, but, um, I think when you come from, if you come in from a very non blue background, you’ve just gotta be open-minded and see what feels good.

[00:18:43] Jo Soley: Yeah, definitely. Definitely. Um, I mean, like, I always know where the moon is and in what sign and you know, if it’s full to new or new to fall or the void, of course, I know all these things. And then it helps me move forward in my day. Whereas like I have crystals or live, may not get to my mom’s and she’s like, oh, is this shoe, was there like a way of living?

Isn’t it? 

[00:19:10] Emma-Louise Parkes: Um, one of my friends was telling me a story that she was in Tesco or something and she heard a noise and she looked down and a crystal had fallen out of a bra. Brock because she wants them close to her heart shack. She’s looked out and there’s a crystal on the floor. You know, it wouldn’t, wouldn’t seem weird to me, but I can imagine to most shoppers in Tesco, they’d be like, what’s going 

[00:19:34] Jo Soley: on.

Tell her you can buy actually for us with little pockets with zips, for 

[00:19:38] Emma-Louise Parkes: your crystals. Oh, well, there you go. So someone’s already thought it through. So anyone that’s less than that. You know, intrigued by this is, is there any way that, is there anywhere online that they can look up like a specific number for their name that would be the most helpful?

What would be the, what would be the number that if they only knew one thing about themselves would be the most powerful one. 

[00:20:02] Jo Soley: So that’s like your five life paths and my one life path. So we’ve got a free guide on my website, discover your life path number so they can go on there. and download it.

So that’s probably the best, but like anything out there there’s 600 ways to work it out. The 500 are probably wrong. So make sure you work it out correctly. And that’s why I direct you to my site. And then they can work it out correctly. 

[00:20:29] Emma-Louise Parkes: Perfect. I’m going to pop all your links in the show notes anyway, but before we wrap up, I would love to ask you sometimes.

When we were bringing these types of things into our business, which. Like, I’m going to use human design as an example, because that’s another great way to, you know, make sure that you’re working in alignment with, with yourself and your type. Like it’s not necessarily about money, although obviously, you know, the more efficient you are and aligned in your business, you will earn more money, but what kind of things have your clients seen as, as kind of, I’m going to say non-monetary results.

What changes have they seen in themselves in their business from implementing numerology? 

[00:21:11] Jo Soley: Um, well, I said the kind of things that they say to me is like your five week program changed my life because they’re working out of a number that’s very easy to be, but it’s not going to get them the magic. So then when they aligned to their true life path, that’s where they can move forward.

But that’s all that has been monitoring. Um, somebody came to me was making 300 pounds a month, and now she’s making three and a half grand, five grand a month just by, cause she’s working with a master and granted she was ignoring it. You know, that’s a huge deal. Um, Kind of healing relationships with other people because everyone’s different.

You know, you can give people a little bit of a break when you know that their numbers, most people don’t know who they are as true. They don’t know who they are, what they say, what they think, what they do is three completely different things. Um, really appreciating that there’s better times and these are times to do things.

So you might be pushing that cart up a hill and it’s not working that’s because you’re in a difficult era and the 11 year or four year or seven year. So, but I think mainly it’s permission. People say to me, permission to be themselves permission, to step into what they know that they should be doing permission to let go of the comparisonitis permissions.

And align uniquely to why they’re here, permission to ignore everybody else, you know, permission to there’s no cookie cutter approach to the business. They’ve got to do it that way. And then from that place, all of the alignment takes place. Whether that be they move overseas. Rebirth amazing business.

They become an actress, whatever it is, because that’s like the side effects of understanding who you are. 

[00:23:05] Emma-Louise Parkes: I think everything comes down to permission. Like once you understand yourself and honor yourself as you are and work within your best energy, then that is always, always where the magic happens. Joe, thank you so much for Kevin and sharing that with my audience.

I really hope that it sparked an interest in a lot of people because I know. How powerful this stuff is. But before you go, or you’d love to ask you which book would you recommend to my audience who are looking to grow and scale that online business? 

[00:23:37] Jo Soley: So it’s not a business book, but one of the books I’m kind of looking at at the moment is called you are cosmic code.

It’s essential numerology. I think it’s a little. age essentials. It’s by Caitlin care heart. And, um, yeah, it’s, it’s really good. It’s bite size. It’s tiny. It’s just a little hardback book, but it’s, it’s interesting and it’s digestible, but anything there’s thousands of books on numerology, they all say the same things just in different words.

So you just want an overview really, but this is a good starting. 

[00:24:19] Emma-Louise Parkes: Beautiful. I’m going to pop the link to that in the show notes. And I’m going to pop all of your links and everywhere that everyone can find you, Joe. Thank you so much for coming and sharing that with us today. 

[00:24:29] Jo Soley: Thank you very much.