Reintroduction time

February 11, 2021

👋🏻 Reintroduction time!

Hi, I’m Emma-Louise – business & mindset coach for ambitious introverts, empaths & highly sensitive entrepreneurs

I help my clients create the mindset & strategy they need to grow successful, sustainable businesses (while staying energised!)

I’m also host of the award winning Ambitious Introvert Podcast – check it out via my bio

My coaching background is unique in that I began by coaching trainee air traffic controllers (I was one myself for 17 years)

I live near the sea but love the mountains & a walk in the forest too

I’m blissfully child free (by choice) but have a cat & a dog who often feature on my stories!

Integrity is my top core value & I basically want us all to succeed whilst protecting our energy & utilising our introverted, sensitive superpowers!