Sharing client wins

October 14, 2020

Confession time:

Sometimes my core value of integrity works against me…

I find it hard to share my client wins & testimonials 🙈

I am SO proud & inspired by what I see them achieve, but coming from a background in executive/life coaching means everything was confidential…

And as a coach I’ve always seen myself as someone that helps facilitate change in others… but the real results come from the client, their action & their growth!

However I wanted an online business so I could help more people, & social proof is such an import thing online that I’m going to get uncomfortable regularly & share MORE of their successes – starting today with the latest testimonial I received!

(Fun fact – I have a ridiculous amount of testimonials just sat on my laptop that I’ve never shared – & after recording an upcoming episode of my podcast with @irenemoore_ I know I’m not the only introvert doing this!)

So rather than feeling I’m wrongly ‘claiming it for myself’ or thinking ‘but there are lots of other factors that helped her succeed!’ I’m just going to celebrate the client & share her thoughts on working with me!