Struggling to find your niche

February 19, 2021

Struggling to find your niche?

I’ve been there, & seen many others in the same boat

But you don’t have to resort to looking for the thing that’s most profitable, thinking you need something completely new no one has ever done, or consulting Google!

Grab a pen & paper… these 3 questions will help give you the clarity you need

1- What experiences & qualifications do you have?

2- What are your natural skills & talents?

3- What are you passionate about?

The intersection of these is a great starting place

Take me for example…

1- Coaching for 14 years, NLP & EFT certs, struggled massively with visibility at the start, grown business online, hugely introverted, empathic & HSP

2- Great communicator, high emotional intelligence, have a calming, grounding presence, help people get clarity, see potential in others, empathy

3- Seeing others succeed, creating social change from the bottom up, sustainability, living by my values

So I help ambitious introverts,, empaths & HSP’s get visible online so they can grow successful, sustainable businesses they love. I combine my coaching skills with my business experience, working with others like me who I can understand & empathise with to help them reach their full potential

And because it’s from a place of what I’ve done, what I’m good at & what I care about it’s the most natural thing in the world

Spend a few minutes on this exercise – let me know what your intersection creates!