Working with introverts

December 30, 2020

Your content does more than just sound nice

It shapes your brand

It gets you noticed

It gives you credibility

Earlier this year I was approached by Brainz Magazine to become one of their executive contributing writers (of course I said yes – look out for my first article in the new year!)

But what was interesting was the wording of the email that invited me…

I had been connected with the editor & content manager online for sometime, where unknown to me they had been… checking out all of my content

“You seem to be a very driven, and positive-minded person with interesting perspectives on your topics. I really like your focus and niche on mindset and business strategies for introverts and helping them build and scale because of who they are rather than despite who they are. I think both your free resources and your podcast is of great value and I know there are a lot of ambitious introverts out there who would love what you can help them with. I would love to see more of this in Brainz Magazine together with your journey and story as an entrepreneur so far. These topics are definitely hot topics and something a lot of people like to read and learn about, and from what I see it looks like you’re very passionate about helping others. This is something we value a lot in our selection since the purpose of this opportunity is for you to get the chance to share helpful articles that can inspire our readers”

Someone I don’t know has been reading my content online for a while & from what I’d written had formed this opinion of me – pretty good right?

Now imagine – if your content had the ability to reach people on this level, how strongly would it speak to your ideal client?

Working with introverts on their visibility strategy & content creation is EXACTLY what I’m passionate about, so if that’s you & you’d like support, hop on a call here to find out more.

(PS – I also got featured in the Brainz Global 500 list alongside Elon Musk, Greta Thunberg, Jay Shetty, Kamala Harris, Gary Vee & a host of other amazing entrepreneurs & leaders – check out the full list at @brainzmagazine !)