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3 tips to provide value online

November 26, 2020

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3 tips to provide value online even when you’re busy introverting (or: how I show up online every single day, even though I’m not actually online every single day…)
I get it – spending all day every day online is the fastest way to introvert burnout. Instead, try these tips to keep you visible when you’re actually hiding away…
1 – Schedule your weekly newsletter to be delivered on your day off – people may not see you on their social channels but you’ll pop up in their inbox
2 – Batch record videos for your Instagram stories – make the most of your energy and/or a make-up day by recording a few at once. Then on the days you need some rest you have some pre-made value ready to post for your audience
3 – Make sure your best work is easily accessible to any new followers that may appear while you’re offline – use Instagram highlights to save mini-trainings, & if you have a Facebook Group or Page pin your most valuable resources at the top for any new connections to see
Tell me, which one will you try first?

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