Answering Questions

November 27, 2020

On this week’s episode, I’m sitting down solo to answer some of the top questions I get! Per my brand values I love to share content that is well received and useful to my audience whether that be free or paid. If you enjoy the podcast and want even more free content, there are a few other places you can be sure to find me.

In this episode I share:

  • How to sign up for my weekly newsletter and what you can expect
  • How to join the Ambitious Introvert Facebook group and what you can expect (co-working, hot seat group coaching, video trainings, and more)
  • Why you should share the content you create on more than one platform
  • Answering questions like
  • Where I’m from (and where my accent comes from)
  • Why I started a podcast
  • Playing on strengths vs. focusing on your weaknesses
  • How I source podcast guests
  • My 5 brand words and how I use them as a filter for just about everything I do when it comes to my business
  • How you can apply to be on the podcast and/or share topic suggestions

Request to be on the podcast or have a topic suggestion:
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