5 things that helped me sell out my 1 on 1 coaching

March 24, 2021

5 things that helped me sell out my 1:1 coaching

✨Selling – this may sound obvious but I see many introverts & sensitives missing this step (or feeling icky about it so never doing it). I 100% lead with value in my business, but I still make it clear to my audience how they can work with me. I mention it on the podcast, in my weekly newsletter, once or twice a week on my stories, as a CTA in my ebook… so it’s clear to my audience at various touchpoints.

✨Consistency – No I’m not on social media 24/7, but I am actively marketing my business one way or another, 5 days per week. I’ve sent my subscribers a value packed newsletter every single week for the last 6 months & released at least one podcast episode a week since October 2020, alongside daily posts on Instagram & Facebook.

✨Enthusiasm – Whether it was a free call for a competition winner, hot seat coaching in my group, a power hour or a sales call for my 6 month package, I show up 100% for whoever is in front of me & serve the crap out of them. Again, I lead with value.

✨Trusting – Was it hard to imagine being fully booked when I hadn’t signed a client? Yes. Did I let that stop me? No. I knew that by doing the above things over & over I couldn’t NOT get fully booked! It just wasn’t possible. Those actions on repeat are the basis of a successful, sustainable business.

✨Celebrating – Every. Single. Client. Whatever the value of the package they signed up for, I celebrated. There has been champagne, vintage red wine, Michelin star meals – there’s also been books, cosy socks, house plants, specialty coffee & luxury slippers because, hey, I’m an introvert, & my creature comforts are a way of celebrating too.

If you’re looking to book out your business, which of these could you focus on to help you get there quicker?