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May 8, 2023

I’m delighted to finally share an episode devoted solely to astrology, a modality that I’m very passionate about – and who better to talk with than the lovely Natalia Komis! Natalia is an intuitive business mentor who works with conscious entrepreneurs and visionary leaders to help them discover their mission, take aligned action and unlock […]

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The Cosmic Advantage – Using Astrology to Unleash Your Potential with Natalia Komis

Headshots of Emma-Louise Parkes and guest for podcast episode on EFT

July 18, 2022

We’re almost two years into the podcast and I can’t believe it’s taken this long to dedicate an episode to one of my favourite mindset and energy modalities, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  However I promise you it’s been worth the wait, as today I’m chatting all things tapping with everyone’s favourite “EFT Wizard” Brad Yates! […]

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Tapping into Your Potential With Brad Yates

2 photos - one of Emma-Louise PArkes and one of Erin Claire Jones from podcast episode 91 on Human Design

June 20, 2022

It’s no secret that I love Human Design; I’ve spoken about it before on the podcast and it’s something I work with my clients on, and use in my own life and business. Today I’m going even deeper on the subject and chatting to Human Design guide and expert Erin Claire Jones.  Erin has used […]

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Human Design – Your Unique Blueprint for Success with Erin Claire Jones

Balanced Business

January 31, 2022

Kendall Cherry is joining me on today’s episode of The Ambitious Introvert! Kendall is my 1:1 client, a copywriter, agency owner and founder of The Candid Collective. I invited her on today because at the start of our working together she was very resistant to the ‘woo’ – but once she fully embraced the different […]

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Embracing the Woo & Creating a Balanced Business with Kendall Cherry

Kyle Haskins

December 6, 2021

Welcome to this week’s episode of The Ambitious Introvert Podcast, featuring a guest who has had a huge impact on my life and business – Kyle Haskins. Kyle is an Energy Code practitioner who I’ve worked with numerous times and I’m really excited to share this because his approach to energy work cannot be found […]

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Releasing Trapped Emotions for Growth & Success with Kyle Haskins


October 18, 2021

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Ambitious Introvert. Something I’ve learnt in my own personal development and self discovery journey is that there are so many different ways that we can understand ourselves. The more awareness and understanding that we heave helps us to better understand ourselves and give ourselves permission to be exactly […]

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Numerology for Business Success with Jo Soley

August 9, 2021

Carrie Cardozo wants you to get comfortable with using all levels of consciousness to help you grow your business. She’s on the show today to talk about leaving her corporate job to be a business psychic full time. Her story is inspiring and full of impact.

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What is a Business Psychic? with Carrie Cardozo

July 5, 2021

Fellow INFJ and Dream Design Coach, AmyLee is on the Ambitious Introvert™ today. You’ll hear why we’re both advocates of reducing decision fatigue in our lives and for our clients. AmyLee is also sharing the importance of knowing exactly what you want while giving you practical steps to help you design the life you love.  […]

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Designing Your Dreams with AmyLee

Creativity for Introverts

June 7, 2021

I’m joined by life coach, speaker, and Soul Activation Technique™ creator Kelly Hopkins. After working for 26 years in social services she realised she’d been using work to avoid long standing issues. She quit her high-pressure job to move with her very young children to the jungles of Costa Rica and began to heal. From […]

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Creativity For Introverts with Kelly Hopkins