Becoming Exceptional and Finding Fulfilment with Carly Anna

July 10, 2023

We all know the coaching industry is unregulated, and unfortunately that means we’ve seen some pretty unscrupulous behaviour online. But thankfully not every coach is like that, and this week I’m joined by the amazing Carly Anna to talk about the change she wants to see in the industry – and how she’s contributing to it.

After completing a Masters in Psychology in 2017, Carly decided becoming a Clinical Psychologist wasn’t for her after all and pivoted her career to become a coach. Since then she’s built two coaching brands, the first being The Midas Academy, where she helps coaches become truly exceptional at their craft. Her second brand The Fulfillionaire supports her clients to create exceptional wealth, impact AND fulfilment.

Tune in to find out:

  • How we connected on opposite sides of the world through the power of voice notes and DMs
  • How Human Design has impacted how Carly supports her clients
  • The deconditioning Carly has done since becoming aware of her Human Design, and specifically her authority
  • How, and why, Carly pivoted from her career in the psychology field to becoming a coach
  • How The Midas Academy came to life, and the amount of work that went into distilling Carly’s skills and experience into the programme
  • What happens when you choose to learn more, and the impact that then has on your clients
  • The legacy Carly wants to leave behind for the coaching industry
  • How Carly explored the concept of fulfilment and how it led her to create The Fulfillionaire brand.


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