Build a wildly successful business

October 30, 2020

As introverts we are made to feel wrong for being ourselves from a young age

“Don’t be shy, talk to the lady” (not shy, overstimulated & tired)

“Go outside & play with the other kids” (but I’m having fun creating a fantasy world with my vivid imagination)

“The party will be fun!” (yes, for extroverts)

And being online can feel the same

“You need to do video to get visible”

“You need to ‘show up’ all the time or people will forget you”

“You need to run group programs or you’ll never be able to scale”

What I know to be true is that…

None of that is true

You can build a WILDLY successful business while still:

-Sticking to your core values

-Feeling aligned

-Being true to your introverted self

-Staying energised!

Don’t let the ‘noise’ convince you otherwise!