Building an Introvert Friendly Business with Jennifer Locke

July 19, 2021

Today Jennifer Locke is joining me to talk about Introvert Friendly businesses and marketing. She has built her own business to make it comfortable for herself while also supporting other introverted entrepreneurs. You’ll hear how to create a business that you can love, too, especially as an ambitious introvert.

Jennifer and I discuss:

  • Why Jennifer believes that everyone has at least one book in them
  • How Jennifer coaches her clients through their whole writing process
  • Why breaking down a project into smaller goals can be the key for introverts
  • Becoming comfortable with calling yourself an expert and trusting you’re qualified
  • How Jennifer has built an introvert friendly business for herself
  • Breaking the myth that your job can’t be something that you love
  • Recognizing that fear is a very normal part of owning your own business

Jennifer helps entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of turning their ideas into books. She can help you reach the next level of your business and take you from entrepreneur to author.


Jennifer’s Book Recommendation for The Ambitious Introvert

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