Creating a free download to grow your list

March 11, 2021

Creating a free download to grow your email list doesn’t have to be overwhelming…

Keep it simple by following these tips…

1 – What is your ideal client’s biggest problem you can help them solve right now? Create a resource that helps them towards it, for example…

If you’re a social media manager helping overwhelmed coaches with Instagram, create a one month posting calendar

If you’re a graphic designer working with business owners who aren’t in the slightest creative, a simple guide on how to pair fonts would work

An accountant for new business owners who aren’t yet financially literate could create a simple spreadsheet to help them track their monthly expenses

2 – Decide how your ideal client would most like to consume your resources? Swipe file, email series, video masterclass, audio meditation, checklist, ebook? Choose one that makes sense to their lifestyle & challenge

3 – Give it a name that is CLEAR! Don’t try to be clever, make it obvious that this is for them & what it does for them

For example, my ‘49 Introvert Friendly Marketing Tips for Online Business Owners (To help you get visible & make money without feeling drained)’ really does what it says on the tin & the title makes it clear who will benefit from it & what it’ll help them with

Can you design something for your audience that ticks all the boxes?