Free downloads can be your worst enemy

March 10, 2021

Why free downloads can be an introverted or sensitive business owner’s worst enemy…

The 2 biggest challenges my clients often face in online business are overwhelm & overstimulation (plus the inability to take action these feelings cause)

In an online space with so much information easily available it can be so easy to grab all the downloads, do all the research & try to ‘piece it together’

And while there are some amazing free resources to be had (I like to hope my podcast & ebook are 2 of them) that can really add value to your business…

Scraps of information from multiple sources do not substitute a personalised business plan

This method can be particularly damaging if you’re HSP – the sheer volume of often conflicting information can leave your nervous system in tatters, meaning more overwhelm, less action & zero business growth

One of the first things I do with every new 1:1 client is simplify. Rather than add more for them to do, we usually start by taking things away! Rather than trying to do everything, we strip back to doing the necessary, & doing it really well

I believe this is one of the reasons my clients get results so quickly when we work together – we work out a plan for their unique personality, business model & goals (think bespoke suit rather than patchwork quilt!)

I’d love to know – do you have a personalised business plan?