Fan of a freebie

March 9, 2021

Are you a fan of a freebie?

There’s something so enticing about seeing that guide, mini training or swipe file that promises to solve ALL of your business problems…

And logically we KNOW what it’s actually going to be is a bit of value, that maybe leaves us wanting more – but still we get called to click ‘download now’!

To avoid a cluttered laptop & overwhelmed brain here’s my introvert friendly way of extracting the value & making sure those files don’t languish in the long forgotten part of your ‘downloads’ folder…

1 – Read it through from start to finish. Are you feeling it? If not delete immediately & unsubscribe from future emails. Trust your gut.

2 – Think there’s some good stuff in there? Great! Read it through again & note down what you plan to use. Then file the download away in a specific folder.

3 – Use this new info right away. Is it something you add to your daily routine? A one off task? Schedule accordingly & try it out

4 – Reassess. After a week or a month, did you stick to it? Did it feel good and/or provide good results? If you answered no to either, stop your experiment, delete the download & move on.

5 – Liked it or got good results? Amazing! How could you carry this through to other areas of your life or business? Does the creator have other resources that may be useful? Check them out!

How about you – do you dig in & make use of those resources, or do end up in the freebie graveyard of your laptop?