Finding Confidence & Accepting Yourself as an Introvert with Sally Oddy

August 2, 2021

Do you remember the moment you realised you were an introvert? Because we aren’t generally taught about introversion or other personality types in school, maybe it was a little shocking. You’re not alone in feeling this way. Sally Oddy, business coach and introvert, is joining me today to talk about the energetic differences between introversion and extroversion and breaking down all the myths that surround the former. 

Sally and I discuss:

  • The liberation you can feel as you step into who you truly are as an introvert (or extrovert)
  • Why you have to be open to change as an entrepreneur in the online space
  • How to break free from perfectionism and procrastination
  • Being aware of your own boundaries and needs in order to avoid burnout
  • Learning to be comfortable with the title of introvert and breaking down the misconceptions
  • Creating the mindset to overcome fear when it creeps into your business
  • Why the health of your business (and you!) is reliant on detaching yourself from the outcome

Sally Oddy teaches purpose-driven women the profitable action steps to create one-to-many online coaching businesses that generate limitless impact & income. 

Sally’s book recommendation for The Ambitious Introvert:
Untamed by Glennon Doyle

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