What is a Business Psychic? with Carrie Cardozo

August 9, 2021

Carrie Cardozo wants you to get comfortable with using all levels of consciousness to help you grow your business. She’s on the show today to talk about leaving her corporate job to be a business psychic full time. Her story is inspiring and full of impact. If you’re ready for a big change, this episode is for you.

Carrie and I discuss:

  • A reminder on the importance of following up
  • Why you should honor your past experiences and use them to serve your clients
  • How Carrie made the transition from her corporate job to being a business psychic full time
  • Finding your gift, overcoming resistance, and doing what you truly desire
  • Embracing that your work can be something you love, something that is effortless
  • Why we have to be aware of business jargon that we may be using

Carrie helps entrepreneurs and businesses get unstuck and refocused on their bigger impacting goals to create more profit, growth and success in their business. You can book your psychic business strategy session today.

Carrie’s book recommendation for The Ambitious Introvert:
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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Emma: [00:00:00] Hi guys. Welcome to this week’s episode of the ambitious introvert podcast. I’m Emma Louise. And before I introduce today’s guest, I’m going to give you a little aside about what we went through too clear range, this interview. And I hop on a lot about following up. It’s something that I talk about in my content.

Isn’t that I talk to my clients about because we can take it. Following up, we can find it real uncomfortable because it can feel very, very personal. We think, oh, if someone hasn’t reached back out to us, then that’s it. They’re not interested. And I need to leave them alone and not be a pest. And this is not true.

When I first spoke with Carrie about coming on the podcast, we had a great time. Really got on really well agreed that she would come on the podcast. I said, I would send her the link and then I got sick and then I got busy and I completely forgot. And she followed up, she sent me an email, which basically said, oh, it was great to chat to you.

I’m just following up to see if you’re going to send me the link to book in. And I was like, yes. Oh, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. Here you go. There’s the link. Yeah. Thanks. Thanks for reminding me. And this is how most people will feel when you follow up. Right? We’ve all got. Big inboxes and you get pushed off the bottom of the screen.

So I was thrilled, so I emailed her straight back with that, and then I didn’t hear anything for a week. So then I followed up with her and she was like, oh, I read it on my phone. And then like, didn’t get round to reply. So that’s just a little aside from this is it’s always worth following up. Don’t take it personally.

It’s probably just that the other person is busy or sick or they read it on their phone or it fell off the bottom of that email. After that little public service announcement, Carrie. Hello?

Carrie: [00:01:35] Hello. I’m so excited. Thank you for having me and you’re so right. I’m like trying not to laugh over here because I do this all the time.

I do it all the time, all the time. 

Emma: [00:01:47] It’s something about someone the other day in their content. They said that they had followed up a potential client six times and then got the yes. And the client was never enough. It was just the, you know, they didn’t respond all the time in, or they couldn’t book a call or something happened.

And it was like the sixth attempt. And then they they’re working with this class. It’s kind of wanted to work with them. It just took a little bit of back and forth to make it happen. 

Carrie: [00:02:11] Right. Yeah. And I think people do get nervous about following up or, or that feeling like, oh, if they wanted to work with me or they’ve reached out to me, we almost feel embarrassed.

But for me, I reply to people in my head. And I don’t actually apply to them in the physical world that I’m. So I’m always like, oh please message me if you don’t hear from me, please. So yeah. That’s great 

Emma: [00:02:31] advice.

 I had that conversation with someone else cause I had messaged her and then she took a while to respond to then she said the exact same thing.

She was like in my head, I’d written a reply. I just hadn’t actually physically put it down. So anyway, today’s episode is not about following up at all. Um, Carrie. Far more interesting and amazing than that. And I’m really excited to showcase you and your business to my audience. So please tell us what you do.

Carrie: [00:02:55] Yeah. So first of all, thank you so much for having me and what I do is pretty interesting. It’s a little bit weird. It’s a little bit new for people. So I am a business, a psychic, and I worked with established entrepreneurs and businesses to help get them. That they need so that they are able to move their business in alignment with basically their divine plan.

It helps them to get unstuck. It helps them to tap into who they really are and be perfectly in aligned with their clients, with their prices, with their message, with their greater purpose here. And it’s super fun. I do psychic channel. There’s nothing in the psychic world that it can’t do. But I also have an extensive business background.

I, um, managed and help build a corporation that housed six companies and was worth. Um, we grew it to about $16 million when I left. So I have a very big, uh, business background, a business knowledge that I use as well as my channeling, but I go to the channeling aspects first and then I bring them business structure into it.

And what 

Emma: [00:04:00] I most loved about you when we got connected, when we were discussing the podcast is I went to your website and the business psychic part of me is thinking, oh, she’s going to be in a power suit with shoulder pads and heels. And the other part of me is thinking, no, no, she’s going to be in an ashram.

And she’s going to have like, you know, robes on, or she’s going to be on the beach in Bali or something. And this is picture of you looking absolutely gorgeous and like a white t-shirt and ripped jeans or something. And. I what I loved that kind of juxtaposition of what people expect from both business and psychics are completely different.

And then you looked completely different. Again. 

Carrie: [00:04:39] Yeah, and I do, and people will say that like, and I, and don’t get me wrong. I have the really nice business suits, um, you know, in the business dresses and the heels. And I don’t, I don’t know that I like, I don’t do the shoulder pat thing, but I totally get that, but I really am just your normal run of the mill.

You know, mom, single mom, uh, I, you know, do soccer runs and I literally almost all the time you can find me in ripped jeans, people joke. They’re like, do you have jeans that aren’t ripped? I’m like, no, I do not. And a t-shirt or hoodie, sweatshirt or something, yoga pants. And, and that’s really what I, I really honor about who I am is.

You don’t have to be, you don’t have to put on a show to be a business person. You don’t have to put it on a show to be a psychic, just be yourself and allow your gifts to come out. And that’s where it gets the most attention. That’s where you draw. The most people in people are show up to my events and there’ll be like, this is not what I expected you to look at.

And not because I’m wearing ripped jeans at my events. I do definitely. But they’re like this isn’t this. Isn’t what I. Expected you to look like as this psychic. Um, but it’s just about being you. It is the most beneficial thing that I’ve ever done in my business is just be me not try to put on a show or try to dress the part in any way.

Emma: [00:06:02] Authenticity. Yes. I love that. And something about your story, that’s, we’ll come back to, you know, the psychic gifts officer. That’s a huge, huge part of it, but is that you have this innate gift, which is a natural talent to you, and then you have all this experience and you’ve married the two together, and this is something that, yeah.

So important when we are creating our own business is we all have natural gifts, not necessarily psychic or intuitive in any way, but there are things that we are naturally good at that we are put on earth to help people with and they come very easily to us. And then it always ties in with some past experience.

Like I, the first year of my coaching business, I didn’t think my past experience was relevant. Yeah. I absolutely didn’t think that what I had done before had anything to do with coaching. And when I started to discuss it more in my content, people were really interested and they saw it in a really different light.

So I love that you say, you know, oh yeah, I’m a psychic, but I’ve also got all of this business experience 

Carrie: [00:07:01] too. Yeah. And it’s still important. And we forget that is that, you know, everything that happens to you life, and especially as a psychic, I can see this. I do past lives. Past life, you know, other lives, all that stuff, but everything that you experienced in your life up to this point, you experienced for reason.

It wasn’t an accident. It wasn’t just by chance, there is an incredibly important reason and you wouldn’t be the person you are today because a lot of people I worked with work with and know are ashamed, you know, some aspects of their past life or, you know, they wish they didn’t do certain things and they wish they could have made better.

Does or they’ll look back and they’ll say, you know, if I had known I would have done something different, but you wouldn’t be the same person you are right now, if you didn’t go through those experiences and they’re meant to share, and when you share them, they’re so powerful and they, they help you to be able to connect with the people you’re supposed to be working with because they’re part of your story.

They’re the reason you are who you are right now. At what 

Emma: [00:08:02] point did you realize that you had the psychic gifts? 

Carrie: [00:08:06] So, um, back into, well, I guess even they really started in 2014, but a couple of years before that, I realized that every single thing that had happened to me in my life, I had already seen. So as a child, I used to see things that were going to happen in the future.

I didn’t know they were future events at the time. I just thought I had a crazy imagination and spent a lot of time imagining. And so as things started to happen and I’m talking drastic things from like, you know, not as drastic as my parents divorcing, but I got pregnant when I was 19. I had cancer when I was 26.

Um, I got divorced when I was 29. Like all of this stuff. And so it started to really hit me that these big events in my life that really changed my life were things that I had experienced already as a younger child. And I remember asking my best friend, if she saw all the things that happened in her life.

And she was like, no, when you’re talking about, do I see them? And I was like, like you don’t imagine. And these things when you were little, and then they happen and she’s like, no, but I kind of just left it. Uh, at the time I thought my life was perfect and I was like, who cares? Like whatever. But then in 2014, um, my fancy unexpectedly passed.

And when he passed away, it literally stopped my entire life. And I questioned everything about who I was, what existed. And I was not okay with the fact that I would never speak to him again. And so I started down that psychic mediumship journey and, and just, I just wanted to know that he actually existed.

He just didn’t disappear into thin air. And when I started meeting with mediums and psychics, You have this gift, like you are the psychic, you are a psychic. And it was interesting because I never felt like he, this sounds weird because I get it. Like, it sounds a little crazy, your fancy dies. And then you’re like, I felt like he didn’t die.

Like I knew he passed, but I could feel him and I could, I started hearing him right away. And so at first I was like, I think I’m crazy. But I knew I wasn’t. I was still, you know, running the companies. I had a very, it was very well-respected and what I did. Very knowledgeable and I knew I was hearing him.

And that’s really how my gifts started to come about is, you know, meeting with a couple of psychics and them saying, you have to trust what you’re seeing and hearing people don’t do this, this isn’t normal. And then really getting into that and, and honoring who I was, it was very uncomfortable to go from a very corporate based, you know, uh, lawyer.

Accountants bankers, investors, realtors, doctors, to being like, Hey, I’m psychic. Um, it was a very big switch for me and it was uncomfortable to make it public. Um, but I had to, 

Emma: [00:10:51] and it’s interesting because I think you’re one of the only people I’ve spoken to in that space that has really realized so late in life, because most people will say that, oh, I always knew.

Or, you know, something happened when I was six or whatever. So to be yet an adult. That must be like a lot of my, a lot of my audience only realized they were introverts in their thirties or forties. And they found that life changing enough to be like, oh, there’s nothing wrong with me. It’s just what I am.

But you need to realize that you have those huge gifts of the age. I can understand why that would be quite. 

Carrie: [00:11:25] Yeah. And it was, and it was so uncomfortable because it, I like having to tell people that has had known me for 33 years to be like, oh, I’m psychic was, I just felt like they’re going to think I’m lying.

Or they think I’m crazy. I actually met a medium who offered to channel for me to do mediumship for my fiance. And I was like, well, I can hear him. And later we became friends. And she was like, when you first said that, I thought you were crazy. And I was like, yeah, thanks everybody. You know, because it’s, and it’s not that.

Looking back, like hindsight’s 2020. I saw things. I there’s people in my mom’s house. I knew things about people. I was doing energy work back then, but nobody told me that it was different from what other people were doing. I didn’t know. So if I told my mom there was somebody in the house, I could see, you know, this lady in the house, or there was a black leopard in the house, she’d be like, okay, that’s fine.

You don’t like, she didn’t tell me. No, she didn’t tell me. She didn’t hear heard about it. She was just like, okay. Okay. That’s fine. That’s fine. Because she was busy. So I just thought like, it was not, and she’d be like, it’s just your imagination. I’m like, okay, this is just my crazy imagination, but it wasn’t.

So it was, but the thing that I guess helped was when Mike died, I felt. There was an aspect of me that totally died too. And my life became completely different. So I lost my job shortly after that, all this stuff changed. So it was a clear changing point in my life. Like my life up to the, up to February.

2014. I am not the same person as I was going out of it. So it was like, it was the time when everything was shifted in my life. So although it was crazy and weird, it kind of fit with what was going on. It was like be it’s the before and the, after there’s a clear before and after point and so many aspects of my life right on that.


Emma: [00:13:16] it the most obvious thing in the world to you at that point that this had to be your business? Was that a no brainer or was that something you had to think about? 

Carrie: [00:13:25] Yeah, no, I fought it for like 15 months. I fought it and I was like, it was a no-brainer. My corporate job, about eight months after my dad left my corporate job.

And I was like, I’m never working for anybody else again, I’m starting my own business. I’m amazing at what I do. I can start any business. I can run any business. I can consult. Like, I’m really good at that. And then I had like my psychic stuff and I said, well, I can use that, but I’m not going to tell anybody and my guide.

So I used. And, um, they give you guidance that you need, they give you information and they kept saying, no, you must be psychic in the business world. And I was like, no, that’s okay. Thanks though. And I did about 15 months worth of time and I put myself in ridiculous financial debt because of it. I, my business did not grow.

It did not make money. And I’m talking like I came out of making, you know, multiple six figures too. Making $2,000 a month, a thousand dollars on sometimes $500 a month. And so I was really struggling. It was such a drastic shift in my life, but the minute I decided I was like, fine, I will blend the two. I will blend psychic and I will blend business.

I started making $10,000 a month, literally the month I decided to. And it’s never, it’s never slowed down, but I resisted it for 15 months because I was scared and I was almost like, there was an aspect of me that was ashamed and I didn’t have a confidence. I didn’t believe in myself. And I didn’t trust that these unique aspects about me that you’re right.

Everybody has, was actually going to allow me to be successful. That people would accept me. I thought they wouldn’t. I thought people wouldn’t accept. Yeah. And 

Emma: [00:15:11] taking the fact that it’s something psychic out of that. I think this is such an important lesson for anyone listening, is that when you have that Nagel, when you have that, oh, I’ve got this and I should be doing this and you keep fighting it and fighting it, it’s going to win in the end.

It’s going to win. It’s going to come through because if that’s what you’re meant to be doing, and quite often, you know, a lot of my audience will be in corporate jobs and they know they want to start their own business and they know, but it’s that fear of taking that leap. Of course they’ll do it eventually.

And then they look back and just like you said, they’re like, why did I wait so long? 

Carrie: [00:15:45] Yeah, and it always wins. You’re still writing because I kept saying, you know, right after my fancy past something drastic happened in one of the offices that started to deteriorate the structure of the business. And it was while I was away for his funeral.

So the minute I came back, I was literally fighting this uphill battle to save the offices. And I kept saying every morning, I’d wake up and say, I don’t want to work here anymore. I don’t want to work here anymore. And I would say like, I need to start my own business, but I never took action on that. And one day I walked into the office and I got.

From a job I should never have gotten fired from because the universe was like, perfect. You know, I want to work here. The university is like, here you go. Yeah. Like you off the cliff. Um, and it was like, so you’re right. Whether you want to do it or not, when you’re meant to do something and you have a gift and it does not have to be psychic gifts, come in all farms and everybody has one.

You just have to find it when you’re meant to be doing your gift when the time is right. The universe is just going to kind of push you, push you out of the nest and you have to learn how to fly.

Emma: [00:16:46] It’s just a, such a story that I hear in so many guises, you know, over and over again, just with slight variations of people having this horrific thing happened, like being sacked or a company goes bust, and then they go, okay, well, I better do that thing, but. I really want to do 

Carrie: [00:17:04] yeah. That I’ve been thinking about forever and asking for, and I got a tip 

Emma: [00:17:09] and you’re like, I didn’t want it like that, but okay.

Carrie: [00:17:12] That’s exactly what I said. This isn’t what I had planned, but I guess I’ll do it. I’ll take it. 

Emma: [00:17:18] I love that. And something that I love is that you work with really, you work with corporations and I’m going to say proper businesses and air quotes. That sounds horrible. But what I mean is a lot of people in the coaching space work just with small businesses or solo, preneurs, or entrepreneurs are not on more intuitive and psychic things that you actually work with.

You, you go into corporations. To consult for them. I love that. How do they react to what makes them reach out in the first place? 

Carrie: [00:17:47] Mostly it’s word of mouth and, and a lot of people it’s that there’s somebody that one of the decision makers is open to this and they are sometimes it’s like, well, there’s nothing, nothing else has been working.

We’re stuck. We need something brand new. So they’re open to that change. I’m also, like you said, on my website, I’m not a very woo person. So I look very normal, very down to earth. And so that also, that also gets people, cause I’m just being me. So you can feel that with inside of my energy. Um, and also I do a lot of talking with people there.

It’s one of those things. People need reassurance that you know what you’re doing and you know how to do what they need you to do. So being competent and being able to speak about what you do and how you can help somebody out. And I think that’s. And then point for me is that I can already see what a business needs when somebody reaches out to me.

So I can give them an idea. I can say, well, I can see you’re stuck here, here, and here. And so this is where we’re going to start working. So that’s a really big benefit, but honestly, it’s just about being yourself whenever you work, whenever you reach out to people. Um, but the psychic thing does throw a lot of people.

I’ve had had people turn me away because of the fact that I’m psychic and that it’s scary for them, or it’s uncomfortable for them, or they don’t understand. So it’s a, it’s a slippery slope that you walk on. 

Emma: [00:19:07] So if you’re, you were just marketing yourself as a business consultant, they would hire you on the spot.

But because you’re saying I’m a psychic business consultant, they’re like, ah, no, not comfortable. Yeah. 

Carrie: [00:19:17] Yeah. Some people like I had a woman reached out to me once she wanted me to speak at an event of hers and she had read a lot of my stuff, clearly, not very well enough, but she, and she’s like, tell me a little bit more about what you do.

Like, I love your content. I want you to speak. And so I said, I’m a psychic. And she messaged me back and said, I don’t work with the devils. And she blocked me like right away, I couldn’t even respond to her. And I was just like, okay, I get it. And I was like, well, clearly she didn’t read her stuff. And, and this is one of the commitments that I made years ago is I don’t push myself onto people by any means.

I don’t, you know, I’m not like I’m a psychic and you have to listen to me and all that, but I won’t hide who I am. So, if I’m going to, I tell you I’m a psychic right up front if we’re working together, because that’s an aspect that if you ask me to restructure your business, and I tell you that this person isn’t great where they’re at, because these are their strengths and this is where they’re holding your company back.

And you look at me with your mouth open. Cause you’re like, how the heck does she know this? It’s going to be really weird if I don’t tell you that I’m a psychic. Otherwise, when I do people are like, oh, I get it. Now. That makes sense. So I won’t hide who I am because it’s the biggest aspect of my business, but it’s this confidence in the believing in myself and knowing that what I have can truly transform a business in, in stepping forward in that energy.

But it’s, it’s very powerful and it’s, it’s actually a lot of fun. It’s a lot of fun 

Emma: [00:20:45] I can imagine because I just, I almost have this vision of people being a bit like. What’s she going to say, what’s she going to say? And that it comes out and really be like, wow. But I can also imagine some people being like, like, I don’t want to know how, you know, just tell me what to do.

Carrie: [00:20:59] Yes. I have a lot of clients who will say, you know, and, and, uh, a lot of them are male. They are not all of them, but a lot of them that are male. And they’ll say, can you just ask like the guys in your head, can you ask those voices? Can you, can you do your thing? You just tell me like what the answer is.

They’re like, don’t want to dig in, but they just want the answer. And for me, I don’t care. You do not have to believe in what I believe you do not have to have. Um, you don’t not have to be psychic. You don’t have to love or do anything when the psychic world, I, I don’t care what your beliefs are and I can work to what you’re comfortable with and what you’re not like.

I don’t have to talk about guides. I can just tell you what I see around your business and what the best direction is. So I’m very flexible in that way. My purpose is to help people to get more comfortable with using all levels of consciousness and energy is one of those. And so you don’t, I’m not trying to change your beliefs.

I’m just opening you up to a new perspective and awareness at the level that you’re comfortable with, but it is funny. Some people’s reactions to things. Um, It’s very interesting. I would be the opposite 

Emma: [00:22:06] would be like, oh, who said that? Is it a guide? Is it someone I’d be like, tell me everything I want to know, but equally I can imagine people being like, just give me the good sum and that’s fine.

Carrie: [00:22:16] Yeah. And I have both, and it’s funny because I will have it. And I’m a very, you know, one of the things that I really do pride myself on is my integrity. So I don’t dig into like my children, even though my children will be like, well, we have to tell you because you already know. And there are some things that I do get a heads up on what I really don’t.

And I, and I can, I can, I can look at the energy of anything, but so I’ve had friends that are like, so are you like reading me now? Or people I meet or they’re like, oh, I’m sure they get really nervous about what I’m hearing or what I know. And so I’m very honest and truthful upfront, and I say, I don’t dig into anything.

The post do I don’t, I don’t make it uncomfortable, but I have people that are like, tell me about this and what guy does stepping forward. And what’s my energy. I have a niece who we play like 150 questions every time we’re together. And you can see her just sitting there waiting. And she won’t ask me a question until I’m like, do you want to talk?

And she’s like, yes. And then she will ask me, like, what’s my power animal and who’s around me and where am I guides. And can I ask you this? It can be very fun in that regard because I can do all of that as well as the business stuff and the, in the more structural impacting stuff. Um, and that can be fun at times, it’s for people.

Emma: [00:23:26] So obviously now that you have embraced this and pushed through this resistance of, I don’t want to bring it into the business and obviously done that and have this success. Do you love 

Carrie: [00:23:35] what you do? I do. I do love what I do. It is very powerful. It’s very transformational. It’s easy. For me, it’s easy for me.

And this is one of the things that I think catches people up is that we assume that what we’re doing or what we’re supposed to be doing is supposed to be so hard. And we’re supposed to put a lot of work in and we’re supposed to really, we’re supposed to really feel it on a different level, meaning that, you know, you hear people you’re still seeing hustling and you’ve got to grind and all that stuff.

But when you’re doing what you’re great at, it comes effortlessly. And one of the things I always have to remind myself is that. There’s so much information that I hold that everybody holds regarding what it is that they, I’m not special, what it is that they’re great. And we must share it. So the things that I do seem easy to me, the information that I have just seems like common knowledge, but it’s not.

And if you just begin to share your common knowledge in what you’re good at and, and you enjoy what you do, it grows your business. Like you’ve never seen before, but you have to embrace it. You have to really acknowledge who you are and what it is that, you know, like the other day, I talk a lot about the fact that you must lean in and do the work and somebody the other day was a, could you please tell me what leaning in means?

And if there’s a word I use all the time, because it’s so common knowledge to me, but it, this is, this is why we have so much value with inside of ourselves that we don’t see. We’re good at it. When you’re good at something, it feels like it’s easy. Do what you’re good at because then it’s easy. You make a lot of money and you can really impact people’s lives.

Emma: [00:25:17] It’s something that I work with clients a lot on their content rights and, and their marketing and, um, quite a lot of high level clients. I will say to them every time, like dumb your content down. And they’re like, why? I said you’re using jargon, you’re using abbreviations. You’re talking about, they talk about, they went to some international conference and learnt something.

I was like, where are your people at? And they’re like, oh, well, my people are just starting with. X Y and Z, I think, you know, you have to talk to them. It’s what they are talking about. And just because it’s so obvious to them, it’s so second nature. But I said, you know, you’d be surprised. I’m like dumb it down and then dumb it down again.

And I’m not saying that your audience is dumb, but if they have the level of understanding that you have, they wouldn’t need it. 

Carrie: [00:26:03] Correct. Yeah. And I always tell my clients, and this is probably what you’re saying. I explain things to my clients and I tell them to explain it to their clients as if you were explaining it to a four year old.

If you know your content well enough, you can teach a four year. Anything that you do, if you can speak to it. So a four year old understands anybody will understand it. And again, it’s not because they’re dumb. It’s because we are so used to, I like will graze over things and my kids, or even my kids are like, mom, you only answered half the question because I do a lot of talking in my head.

Everything that I communicate energetically is in my head. So I will only answer half a question half the time. And my kids are like, you need to finish the question. And on or the answer out loud. Okay. So if we can focus on teaching it to a four year old, using simple words, you will have such a greater impact and no matter what it is that you’re doing, because the person will actually absorb what you’re saying instead of just bits and pieces of it, they’ll actually learn and retain.

Emma: [00:27:03] I know, I think simplifying to amplify is one of the biggest, biggest things. People get caught up in this. I’ve got to write something fancy, or I need to write impressive words or sentences, and it’s like, Nope, cut it out. Like, make it as few words as you can short snappy sentences. And that, that will impact people so much more.

It will, 

Carrie: [00:27:21] it definitely will so 

Emma: [00:27:23] much more. So what’s your absolute favorite part of running your own business? 

Carrie: [00:27:28] I like the freedom. I love it. I love the flexibility and I love that I can do whatever it is that I want to do and meaning inside my business. So I have, I’m a single mom of three. So there’s times that I spent, we’ll spend half my day working out of like my mobile office, which is my car or a coffee shop.

I like that we can travel. And I take my laptop with me and I can still work. I like the fact that I choose my hours. If I, you know, Uh, openings in my schedule to see clients or not, that’s up to me, but I also love, um, I love the fact that I can do whatever I want in my business. Meaning that if I have a download for a new program, I can do it.

I don’t have to ask people’s permission. I don’t have to wait for an okay from something I get to change and flow with my business. And it’s completely designed around me what feels right to me, what I’m interested in, what is. Exciting for me at the time I get to design my business around that. 

Emma: [00:28:26] I’m going to share something slightly weird now, because you just reminded me saying about having a download.

So something that I’ve been told when I worked with intuitives before or had Heelan, is that I need to connect more with my spirit guides. There’s not something that comes comes naturally. To me, it’s not something that I even thought about until I was 40. So it’s this, you know, You know, connect, connect, do this.

So, you know, I meditate and I’ve got Oracle cards and stuff, but I did an Akashic record session a few weeks ago. And one of the questions that I asked the records was, and for anyone that doesn’t know what a Kashic records is, Google it. So I said, how do I connect better with my spirit guides? Because this is something that I’m told to do.

So if that’s what I asked the records and what came back was that my perception of connecting with my spirit guides was completely wrong. And when I have my, the, I now call downloads for ideas. It’s usually when I’m walking or cooking or, you know, in silence, but in a flow state. And they said, they basically said, that’s, that’s it like, you’re, you’re thinking it’s an external thing.

You’re looking for this guidance externally, but it’s, it’s planted with it. Yes. It comes from you, but it’s already inside you, which I thought was really interesting 

Carrie: [00:29:38] shift. Yeah. And I teach people as well as I show up for businesses and I coach and all that kind of stuff, I do consulting, but I also teach people how to open and tap into their psychic abilities.

And you would be amazed at how many people actually have psychic abilities that they don’t even realize it because they think it’s like, you know, and, and don’t get me wrong. I hear my guides. Uh, oftentimes like I hear you. But you don’t have to, you don’t have to, it’s already inside of you the way that people feel that they’re getting information, seeing, hearing, and feeling guides, their energy is so wrong.

And so, so off that they’re missing the fact that already received nation. They just have to be connected. And that’s exactly what it is that they hear. 

Emma: [00:30:28] Yeah. Because I, these ideas and they’re flying around and I try to logically think them out and it wouldn’t work. And then when I stop and the way the record said it to me was almost like when I’m in a flow state, it’s like the portal opens.

And then what happens is everything makes sense. And I go. So that’s what I’m doing. Like that’s so obvious, but I just really feel, and that was an internal thing, but they were saying, no, you know, this, this is guidance. 

Carrie: [00:30:53] Yeah. And it’s connecting to your heart space and getting out of that head when you’re in your head and trying to logically think about it.

Your that’s your own knowledge. It is not the guidance, but when you’re just relaxed and you let go and you’re open and you feel really good and you’re not forcing anything and the download start to come in and you’re right. It’s when you’re walking, driving, it’ll do it in the shower first 

Emma: [00:31:18] in the shower, in the bath.

Like why did I have my best ideas there where I can write it down? 

Carrie: [00:31:22] Yeah, because that’s. It’s in your open and your mind, isn’t going. And water is a great conductor of energy. So the energy the guides have to, if you’re not at a vibrational match for them, like you’re not open to receive the information.

The water will help. They use the water because it conducts energy. They have to push energy into you for you to hear it and see it and feel it or know it and for it to be in your own conscious awareness. So any of those times, and when you have those downloads, you’ll feel this jolt of inspiration. Act on those.

Those are very powerful and so important and everyone can get them and they should, like, I would much rather spend my time teaching somebody how to connect then connecting for you for the rest of your life. Like, no, thank you. I don’t want to do that, but if I can teach you how to connect. Yeah. Part of what I do when I work with people is I’ll do energy adjustments on them.

I’ll teach them how to tap into that awareness. That’s around them and within them so that they can start using the, their own guidance, their own abilities to get guidance for their business or for their life, whatever they’re looking for. It’s like that 

Emma: [00:32:29] whole, you know, catch your man efficient, feed him for, for a meal.

Teach him how to fish and feed himself for life, 

Carrie: [00:32:35] correct? Yes. I would much rather teach you how to fish. 

Emma: [00:32:38] Yeah. I love that. And I never thought this conversation would come around to fish, which is, it’s just the beauty of an unscripted podcast. Gary. Thank you so much for joining me today. Before I let you go.

I would love to ask for a book recommendation for my ambitious introverts who are looking to grow or scale their online business, which one would it be? 

Carrie: [00:33:00] So I, I give us a lot of thought because I’m a trashy romance, novel reader. Um, but one of the books that I go back to often, even if it’s just to pick up to tap into the energy is the think and grow rich book.

And I think one of the reasons I like this is because it covers everything. I am big on energy, and this is where that whole manner. Energy started about the fact that you literally can create anything that you desire as long as you’re in that vibration for it. And this isn’t a phenomenal book for people who want to get there or looking to get aligned with what it is they’re supposed to be doing.

Change their mindset. Find that drive and that connection and that commitment to starting their business and reaching their goals. And it is a book that you can literally just pick up and start on any page and get really valuable information. So that’s a book I’ve read several times and really again, it’s for that manifesting that mindset and that belief in yourself.

That is definitely a book. 

Emma: [00:33:57] What I found with that book, I’d read quite a few other books about law of attraction and manifestation and money mindset and things before that. And I’d always been a little bit put off because it was old. I thought maybe it would be quite difficult to read, but I actually wasn’t once I started, I really enjoyed it, but it just goes to show that everything else that I’ve read since that was the book that made me realize everyone’s saying exactly the same thing.

So there must be something to this because I’m reading all these books, looking for something different and there isn’t anything different. This is what, this is what 

Carrie: [00:34:28] it is. Yeah. Yeah. And it is a really great book. And, and I think that book also what we talked about, like does dumb it down, say it, so people get it and that book does.

It tells you straight out, there’s no fancy things and it really is about businessmen. So it’s teaching business men, how to create what it is that they desire. And, and we’re all in the business world. We are, this is what we’re trying to do. So we were bringing this idea of manifesting and working with energy and life.

Into what everybody’s looking to create is a successful business and getting attaining that level of success, they desire in their life, the lens, the 

Emma: [00:35:06] two worlds I have loved having you here so much. Thank you for bringing your energy and your knowledge. I’m going to pop all of your contact details in the show notes for listeners.

If they want to look you up for that, but where’s the one best place online that they can find you. 

Carrie: [00:35:20] So just, uh, under my name, I have a business page, Carrie Cardoso on Facebook. I do a lot of stuff there and I have a private group, which you can find through that. 

Emma: [00:35:29] Perfect. Thank you so much for joining me today.

Carrie: [00:35:33] Thank you for having me. It’s been so much fun.

Emma: [00:35:39] Thank you for listening to this episode of the ambitious introvert podcast with me and the Louis Parks. If you enjoy the show, please, please subscribe, rate and leave a review on iTunes. As a thank you one lucky reviewer each month, but when a 60 minute one-on-one coaching session with me, where you’ll get the clarity and confidence to attract your ideal clients.

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