How I Think About…..Being An Ambitious Introvert

February 6, 2023

Welcome back to the ‘How I Think About……’ series on The Ambitious Introvert® Podcast, where I share my behind the scenes thought processes around key themes in my business. So far I’ve covered Mindset, Marketing, Investing and Social Media, and today I’m sharing How I Think About……Being An Ambitious Introvert. Seeing as my entire business is designed to support ambitious introverts, this episode has been a long time coming!

It took me a while to focus on a niche in my coaching business. I knew I wanted to support introverts (like me) but it was important for me to create messaging that made it clear exactly the type of introvert I could help the most. In this week’s episode I’m sharing how I went about creating that distinction and the thought process that led me to create The Ambitious Introvert® brand.

I’ll be talking about:

  • How I think about being ambitious (and the distinction I make between ‘being ambitious’ and ‘having ambition’)
  • How I define being an introvert (and the common traits that should be separated from introversion)
  • Why it’s so important for ambitious introverts to do things in a sustainable way




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