I Wish I Had This When I Started my Business…

February 13, 2023

Today on The Ambitious Introvert® Podcast I’m looking right back at the beginning of my online business journey. While I’ve been in the process of refining The Ambitious Introvert Academy® one of the statements I’ve used as a guiding compass is ‘I wish I had this when I started my business’. As it turns out, there are a few things I wish I *didn’t* have, too!

As always I hope you’ll find this episode helpful in deciding how you feel about certain areas of business, with today’s topic focussing specifically on what you could consider when deciding about the next (or the first) type of support you might want.

Because after all, until you know, you won’t know.

I’ll be sharing:

  • The thing I wish I’d had that would have stopped me from feeling overwhelmed (and wasting heaps of time)
  • My thoughts on being part of a cohort within a programme 
  • The impact an integration week had on my own experience of being coached
  • The difference between formulas and frameworks (and how my experience of one impacted how I feel about the other)


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