Big Family, Big Dreams – Running a Business as a Busy Parent with Yael Bendahan

June 5, 2023

I knew I wanted to record an episode about running an online business with children, and who better than Yael Bendahan to share her experience. I mean, she has 5 children after all!

Yael is a business and marketing coach who uses her unique Leveraged Moms Matrix to support her clients to raise their businesses (and their babies) by scaling to 6-figures and beyond. She focuses on how her clients can be a CEO in their business AND their home, and what to focus on at different stages of their growth.

If you’re a mum and run an online business I’m sure you’ll resonate with a lot of what Yael shares. And if you’re not a mum, I’m certain you’ll love her working ethos!

Tune in to find out:

  • Why Yael decided to venture into the online space, and how her first paid work made her feel
  • How Yael pivoted from the VA space to becoming a social media manager, then a funnel expert, to eventually moving into the coaching space
  • Why having her daughter (her 5th child) was the catalyst to focussing on where she needed to direct her focus in her business
  • Why it’s so important that Yael makes every minute spent working in her business count
  • Which marketing strategies work (hint: they all do!) and what factors you should consider when deciding which one to implement
  • Which boundaries Yael has in place at home, and how she plans in business activities when her children are around
  • How Yael encourages her children to help at home by taking ownership of their chores (and why she had to let go of perfection to make this happen!)


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